Best Recruitment Sites in the US

Best Recruitment Sites in the US

We all know how looking for a job is stressful and even more challenging considering that you're up against millions of other job seekers offering the same services as you. Statistics show that employers have become more and more savvy to find the best workers. This means that recruiters are more careful in choosing where to post jobs to attract the most qualified candidates. It also means that your favorite job site or job board may not be offering you the best job postings from potential employers as you might think. But, if you know the right sites to look and how to use the search engines, you’ll be way ahead of the competition. In this review, we rank top sites based on ease of use and diversity of job listings.

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Indeed – Best for Most Listings

Indeed is the most popular job search site featuring the greatest volume of listings. The site scrapes other job boards from associations, company career sites, associations, to classifieds and other top job boards. The high volume of listings is due to the fact that it's free for employers to list jobs. This makes it the first stop for anyone who's job hunting. The site makes the search even easier with its advanced filtering system. You can specify your job hunt based on job type (part-time, full-time, or contract), company, salary range, and experience level. Moreover, you can hone your search based on specific keywords, for instance, copywriter in California. That said, Indeed has one downside. It's flocked by hundreds of job seekers and you're likely to be one of the hundreds interested in a particular post. Plus, there’s no real way of connecting to your potential employers.

LinkedIn – Best for Networking

LinkedIn offers valuable networking tools that can help you connect to potential recruiters. You can search for connections based on company, title, or name. This means that you can connect with the employees of a particular company that you're interested in before even applying for a job there. Where LinkedIn comes out top is how it allows personal brand-building. On LinkedIn, you can create a professional profile that’s polished for the job market. By developing your personal brand, you get to show employers the real you and what you can offer. The site also allows direct communication between job applicants and their potential employers, making the process easier compared to other job sites. However, on the downside, LinkedIn has fewer postings and to get premium access, you’ll have to incur some costs.

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Glassdoor – Best Company Reviews

Glassdoor is primarily known for providing company reviews. However, it's also one of the top job search engines. Employees have the opportunity to talk about their work experience ranging from company culture, to interview questions to salaries. Glassdoor offers detailed information about a company to help job seekers learn more about the company before applying for a job. Job hunters can search for job postings free of charge. However, there's a catch. They call it “Give-to-get” whereby to get full access to company ratings, you have to create a profile and post at least one thing – be it an interview experience, company review, or company culture. The one downside that you’ll have to deal with is the daily alerts sent via emails. Most of them may not be relevant with your search criteria and you might keep seeing the same company listing day in day out.


CareerBuilder is among the largest job boards that offer career advice, resume posting, job listings and resources to job hunters. The site uses the latest AI to match jobs to your resume keywords. You can even view how you compete with other applicants using the “Hire Insider” tool. In addition, you can narrow down your job hunt using their advanced filter mechanisms, such as pay range, job title, and location. The site expands its job listings by partnering with news media around the country to collect and post job listings from them.

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Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a search engine created by Google to help job seekers find job listings from many different sources, including other job search engines. When you type a job in the Google search bar, Google brings up a list of related job postings, and from there you can use the filters to narrow down your search.


SimplyHired boasts of providing the widest job coverage on the web. According to the company, it has over 700,000 job openings from unique employers and offers services in over 24 countries. The site provides job postings from company career pages, job boards, and other websites. Some of the postings may be pulled up from other job boards or social media. This means you may be redirected to the original source of the job posting.

Our Notes

  • Indeed – it provides hundreds of job listings from multiple sources.
  • LinkedIn – allows job seekers to create a personal brand and connect directly to their employers.
  • Glassdoor – you’ll find a list of company reviews to help you decide whether it’s the right company for you.
  • CareerBuilder – it's one of the largest job boards for job seekers to find work and have access to advise and other resources.
  • Google for Jobs – provides a platform where you can search for any job online from dozens of job boards.
  • SimplyHired – with a coverage of over 24 countries, its wide network allows job hunters to find suitable work in their locations.

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