Best Recruitment Sites in Europe

Best Recruitment Sites in Europe

Moving abroad just got a lot harder for people in the UK as Brexit came into force in January. Once the withdrawal has gone through fully, you won't be able to walk into another European nation until you fulfil certain criteria. Spain, for example, requires a work permit which can take up to eight months to approve. Planning is the key but having a job to go to is the most important thing you can do. Check out the following international job vacancy sites to find work in the European country you'd like to move to.

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Monster Worldwide

Monster's site goads users to "Aim higher, reach further, dream bigger". Those are the perfect words to describe the sort of mindset you need for success abroad. You'll need to learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture if you're going to stand a chance of landing the role you want. Before you do that, build a digital presence, and register for multiple recruitment sites beginning with Monster Worldwide, which lists jobs in more than 40 countries across the world, including 23 European nations.


This might be a site you're not already aware of. In 2019, the site's traffic peaked at 750,000 in September. That sounds like a lot of users, but it's nothing compared to the 2 million people who use TotalJobs each month, and its dwarfed by the 38.4 million visitors to Indeed. Head to CareerJet and click on their "worldwide" tab to find jobs in 60 countries, and then filter them by industry or location to find the job you're most interested in.

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CareerBuilder International

You'll find dedicated CareerBuilder sites for France, Germany, Greece and Sweden on CareerBuilder International, so if you're interested in those countries, make sure you visit this site. If not, there's still a chance you'll find work in your country of choice. A handy dropdown menu on the homepage allows you to search other European nations.

Indeed Worldwide

Indeed is the biggest job searching site there is. Their international site works just the same as the domestic ones, although it allows you to look for work in over 60 countries thanks to dedicated sites for nations including Italy, Spain, Germany and France. You'll find job descriptions written in the native language, so if you're not already up to speed, use Google Translate to figure out what's on offer.

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Going Global

Here's a site that keeps you up to date with worldwide employment trends through it's "Country Profiles" section. You'll also find new jobs listed in that area of the site, and expert advice on how to tailor your CV to the European country you'd like to live and work in. Tips on interviewing, visa applications and how to get work permits are also available on the site.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Don’t discount the importance of fitting in with the culture. You will be working a lot, but you’ll need to make your new country your home.

Our Notes

  • The transition period continues until 31 December 2020, so British citizens won’t need a visa to travel to the EU up until that point.
  • You will need to check if your professional qualifications are recognised in the country you’re moving to.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Great website for finding the perfect job for you, I've had great success with jobs indeed.” (Laura Hammons reviewing Indeed on TrustPilot)

“Monster does a great job of providing relevant articles for the job searcher. Look forward to reviewing them even though I have a job." (Douglas Cook reviewing Monster on TrustPilot)

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