Best Prams, Buggies, and Pushchairs in 2021

Best Prams, Buggies, and Pushchairs in 2021


Buying a pram, buggy, or pushchair can be a mind-boggling affair for most new parents. With countless options in the market, ranging from a variety of prices, colors, styles, and configurations, the shopping experience can be overwhelming. Yet, they are a must-have to help you take your kid for a stroll more comfortably and safely. Keep in mind that prams will be one of the most expensive purchases you may ever make for your baby. So, it's only fair to choose the best. In our guide, we review some of the best prams, buggies, and pushchairs you can buy in 2021.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pram

The NHS advises parents to buy pushchairs, strollers, or buggies that fully recline so the baby can lie flat. This is a suitable position for young babies until they are around six months old. Most pushchairs come with a two-in-one system that can be converted into a reclining seat once the baby is old enough.

Some pushchairs come with a carrycot, which can be beneficial since the baby will be facing the parent, making it easy to monitor your little one. They also offer more comfort, helping the baby to relax.

You should also consider pushchairs with durable wheels. Bigger wheels make it easier to navigate uneven surfaces, while solid wheels are safer since they can't be punctured. You can also opt for the double-option pushchair, especially if you have twins or are expecting another addition to your family. This will save you some money and make it easier for you to safely transport your growing brood.

Additionally, your lifestyle can influence the style and design of the buggy. Country walks will need a studier set of wheels, probably bigger ones. If you live in a city, in a small flat where space is scarce, consider a super lightweight pram that you can fold and leave in the hallway. The ease of folding and the fact that it's lightweight makes it convenient for use on public transport or to maneuver around within the shops. Below, the best prams of 2021.

Nuna Mixx 5-Piece Pushchair Bundle

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There's a reason why high-profile celebrities like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and Eva Longoria use Nuna Mixx pushchair. It’s a bundle offer that comes with a carrycot for newborns, a reclining seat, a car carrier seat, and an Isofix base.

It's practical and very versatile, one that you’ll probably use for a long time. The pushchair and carrycot are designed with cozy fabrics to ensure your little one enjoys his/her sleep moments peacefully regardless of the terrain. It also comes fitted with a 3-point harness and side-impact protection for your baby’s maximum safety.

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Bugaboo Fox 2

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The Bugaboo Fox 2 pushchair doesn't come cheap, but it has much to offer. Made by the premium Dutch brand, it provides the ultimate comfort for your little one. It's designed to withstand any kind of terrain and even comes with power steering for effortless handling.

The large wheels make it easy to maneuver and provides a smooth ride. The advanced central-joint suspension and rear-wheel suspension provide maximum comfort for your baby on all kinds of terrain. The suspension, combined with premium cushioning, ensures your baby is comfortable all the way. This pushchair is lightweight, at only 9.9 kgs/21.8 lbs., but strong enough to support a child of up to 22 kg/48.5lbs or 48 months old.

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Out ‘n About GT

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The Out ‘n About GT pushchair is one of the top popular pushchairs of 2021 and was shortlisted in the 2021 M&B Awards in the Best Pushchairs category. It's an excellent choice for parents looking for a multipurpose pushchair for everyday use. It has a lightweight frame, making it suitable for around town or in the country. 

Its sleek design is something to die for, and the spacious padded seat guarantees your baby’s comfort. The Out ‘n About GT pushchair will see your child through the early stages of life until the age of four. Its foldable design makes for easy portability, and the large wheels make for easy navigation. The pushchair is carrycot compatible, meaning you can transform it into the ultimate travel system.

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Mamas & Papas Airo Buggy

Living in the city doesn't give you the luxury of big spaces like country living does. So, you need a buggy that can navigate narrow spaces with ease. The Mamas & Papas Airo Buggy is lightweight, allowing you to carry it on stairs and onto the bus. It even comes with shoulder straps for when you need to battle for public transport.

Storing the pushchair has never been this easy, thanks to the one-hand fold. Its compact design allows you to fit it neatly into car boots, luggage rack, and overhead compartments. It has an extendable hood to protect your baby in warmer conditions. The bumper bar and adjustable footrest help to keep them safe and secure.

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iCandy Peach Double

By far the most expensive pushchair on our list, the iCandy Peach Double pram is for those with twins or planning to add another family member. Its multi-mode design can be customized to suit the needs of the growing family.

It comes with a carrycot for use in the early months of your baby’s life. When the little one grows out of it, the fabrics can be stripped away using the zip-in, zip-out function, transforming the carrycot into a seat unit.

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