Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

There are numerous best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment, ranging from engineers and line installers to data scientists. Some of these jobs pay as high as $140,000 annually and offer growth opportunities. Telecommunications equipment has a wide application, including in offices, at homes, and in all industries. This means telecommunications equipment is a booming industry with multiple fields that require certain skills.

What Is Telecommunications Equipment?

The past decade has seen a rapid rise in the telecommunications business with efforts to boost network capacity and improve communication systems. Telecommunications equipment involves designing, developing, and deploying technologies that bridge the distance gap between people and businesses.

Therefore, a career in telecommunications equipment can offer jobs in the manufacturing of equipment that produces these signals. You could also work in administration, sales, broadcast and online media, among other areas.

Qualification Requirements to Work in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry

A job in the telecommunications equipment industry is highly technical and will require creative thinking and innovative skills. You’ll need to apply creativity in incorporating new technology and troubleshooting communication-related issues. Strong communication skills and project management might come in handy in this field as well.

Generally, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement in many fields, as well as internship and industry experience. A master’s degree gives you a better chance of advancing your career, including leadership roles.

However, some roles like line installers and satellite installers may require high school certification and on-the-job training.


Top Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

Below are some of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

IC Engineer

Instrumentation and control (IC) engineering involves designing control systems to help monitor production and manufacturing processes.

An IC Engineer’s primary roles include researching existing systems and methods, designing new tools and instruments, and managing and calibrating equipment to help teams gauge sensors.

  • Average salary: $98,500-$140,000 per annum

Line Installers

The expansion of network coverage means more demand for line installers. Their primary roles include installing new cables, testing, repairing, and maintaining telephone lines. This is a physical job that requires digging trenches, erecting utility poles, and constructing towers, as well as carrying cables needed for the operation.

Once the poles have been erected, the next stage is to attach wires and cables to towers, poles, and other related equipment. Line Installers can work in construction, utilities, or telecommunications companies.

You will require a high school diploma and on-the-job training.

  • Average salary: $60,190-$78,310 per year

Satellite Dish Installer

A career as a Satellite Dish Installer is lucrative and always in demand. The primary roles in this path include installing satellite equipment for clients, such as TV cable, and setting up and configuring satellite dishes to receive strong signals.

The job also entails repair and maintenance services and helping clients choose the best equipment, based on their needs. Satellite Dish Installers can work as contractors for large TV companies or independent dish manufacturers.

  • Average salary: $54,094-$65,000 per annum

Fiber Optics Technician

The telecommunications industry can't do without Fiber Optic Technicians or Fiber Technicians. These professionals install and maintain fiber optic cables as and when needed. They offer technical assistance in designing and testing fiber optics.

They also examine and replace faulty and old fiber optic cables to ensure they work properly. Some jobs require the technician to develop sensor indicators and conduct timely inspections to ensure faulty fiber optic systems don’t destabilize their performance.

To qualify for this job, you must have a good understanding of computer technology, telecommunications, and/or electronics. A bachelor’s degree in fiber optics communication may be required.

  • Average salary: $30,951-$74,721 per year

Broadband Engineer


As a Broadband Engineer, your main roles will include installing, maintaining, and repairing telecommunications networks. These professionals are responsible for ensuring telecommunications connection functions as required and monitoring network activity.

This career path involves site visits, reporting, and office work. A degree in telecommunication or a related field is highly recommended. You may also require experience with coding and software development, as well as certification and training from reputable institutions.

  • Average salary: $89,203 per annum

Wireless Technician

Wireless Technicians provide repair and maintenance services for wireless devices. They are tasked with installing and troubleshooting problems relating to various types of wireless devices, including PDAs, WiFi routers, and cellular phones.

They also help develop wireless networks and solve network problems. They handle complex communication networks and must be qualified enough to detect equipment failures and find solutions.

A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, telecommunications, or a related field is required.

  • Average salary: $18.44-$44.30 per hour

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Engineer

A VoIP Engineer’s roles include designing, testing, installing, and maintaining VoIP systems in large corporations. They use their experience with digital audio hardware, computer science, and VoIP software to install cutting-edge technologies.

They also configure and administer telephone and communications systems. Other roles include planning, implementing, and offering support to new and existing VoIP systems. VoIP Engineers work with IT professionals and system administrations to explain the functionality of those systems.

Average salary: $47,500-$112,610 per annum