Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals

Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals

The chemical industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Chemical products are used in almost every product we required in our day-to-day lives. From water supply, food, and shelter, to computer technology, healthcare, clothing, and transportation, every manufactured good is directly linked to certain chemicals. This means, there are endless opportunities in Major Chemicals, with a wide variety of career paths in fields like healthcare, research, science, and business.

Is Major Chemicals a Good Career Path?

The chemical industry is the backbone of the modern world economy. It hires millions of people directly and indirectly and offers an average wage of around $60,000. Since chemicals are a necessity in every facet of modern life, demand for skills in various fields will always be in high demand.

Chemicals convert raw materials, such as gas, oil, water, metals, air, and minerals, into over 70,000 different products.

It, therefore, requires various professionals to analyze, manage, control, process, and oversee the production of these products.

8 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals

Being one of the largest industries in the world, here are some of the top-paying jobs you can find in major chemicals companies.


1. Chemical Engineers

As a Chemical Engineer, some of your primary roles will be to implement various research methods, including biology and mathematics, to create and develop efficient and cost-effective ways to utilize raw materials and energy.

You will be responsible for converting raw materials into usable products like pharmaceuticals. You’ll also use your knowledge of chemistry to research new materials and improve products.

  • Average annual salary: $92,978

2. Pharmacologist

A Pharmacologist is a medicinal chemist who studies new and existing drugs and other pharmaceuticals and their effects on humans and animals. You need a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Medicine, or advanced degree in pharmacology.

Some of your primary duties will include studying the source and chemical composition of drugs. You may also be responsible for ensuring safe drug use as per the rules and regulations governing drug use.

  • Average annual salary: $94,193

3. Geochemist

Geochemists study the appearance, reactions, and composition of chemical compounds on the earth, particularly on rocks, water systems, and minerals. They investigate natural resources and determine how contaminated areas can be cleaned up.

You require a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, geology, oceanography, math, or physics.

  • Average annual salary: $82,168

4. Oceanographer

Your responsibilities as an Oceanographer will be to study and research marine ecosystems. You’ll likely spend most of your time on the seafloor, studying seafloor geology, water compounds, ocean life, chemical and physical properties of the ocean, and more.

Oceanography has many disciplines within it. Marine Biologists study plants and animals in the marine ecosystem. Marine Chemists and Chemical Oceanographers study the composition of seawater, its processes, and its cycles.

Other disciplines include Geological Oceanographers, Marine Geologists, and Physical Oceanographers.

Oceanographers must have a keen understanding of geology, chemistry, biology, and physics.

  • Average annual salary: $83,705

5. Analytical Scientist


Analytical Scientists spend most of their time in the lab doing science work. Some of their roles include developing analytical methods to support operations, formulations development, and regulatory science.

They analyze materials and collect data on them. You’ll also analyze complex experiments and develop, validate, and apply modern analytical technologies and approaches for the development of products for various industries, including agriculture.

You require lots of experience and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry/chemistry.

  • Average annual salary: $87,000

6. Forensic Scientists

If you love solving crimes, you will excel as a Forensic Scientist. Your primary responsibilities will be to collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene. The evidence might include blood samples, dirt samples, fingerprints, and more.

You will use your expertise to identify, examine and compare samples, prepare evidence and exhibits, as well as appear in court as an expert witness. You require a bachelor’s degree in forensic science, toxicology, chemistry, microbiology, or related natural science.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is also considered. Experience testifying in court and working in a forensic or crime lab is an added advantage.

  • Average annual salary: $62,263

7. Water Chemist

A Water Chemist studies and analyzes water samples and other environmental samples for the presence of chemicals. They will use their knowledge of chemicals to prepare chemical solutions to facilitate water purification processes.

Depending on where you're hired, you may also be tasked with collecting and analyzing water from various ecosystems and making projections to help determine rules and regulations.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or one of the natural sciences.

  • Average salary: $30 per hour

8. Toxicologist

A Toxicologist tests blood and tissue samples to detect the presence of poison, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, or other substances and their effects on the body. These professionals help answer questions in legal proceedings.

They also evaluate the toxicity of various pharmaceuticals and offer toxicology advice and support to businesses, such as product quality issues.

You need a degree in toxicology, pharmacology, industrial hygiene, biochemistry, biology, or related discipline.

  • Average salary: $20.76 per hour

Key Takeaways

To excel in a career in the Major Chemicals industry, the minimum qualification requirement for most companies is a bachelor's degree in the field of your choice. Field experience will give you better chances of landing the job.

You can acquire experience through internship programs in your related field or by volunteering.