Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Best Paying Jobs in Energy

There are multiple best-paying jobs in the energy sector, considering energy is the backbone of the economy. Come to think of it, there isn’t one field that doesn't rely on energy to run its operations. From vehicles, computers, appliances, and lights, to healthcare equipment and other technologies, energy plays a pivotal role in keeping things going. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career in energy, you’ll be pleased to know endless opportunities abound.

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Is Energy a Good Career Path?

Holding a degree in a career that’s on-demand in the workforce means that it's easy to land a rewarding position. Energy jobs are some of the highest paying in the world with, a high growth rate.

Not long ago, fossil fuels like oil and gas were the main attractions, requiring different expertise. However, the shift to renewable energy has been tremendous in a bid to save the environment.

Fortunately, companies in the renewable energy sector like wind and solar also require top-level expertise to fill the various roles.

What Are the Qualification Requirements to Work in Energy Industry?

The roles in the energy field are far and wide, each requiring various professionals to fill them. From scientists experimenting with next-gen energy sources and equipment, to ground-level technicians ensuring smooth operation of equipment, the education needs are diverse.

Generally, you’d want to have at least a diploma in your field of interest, but a degree will increase your chances of getting the top jobs.


Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Here’s a list of the top-paying jobs in energy:

Petroleum Engineer

While the world is moving away from non-renewable energy, oil and gas production still support the world’s most important industries.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree, but a master's level education will attract more rewards. As a petroleum engineer, you’ll work both in-office and on-site, and your responsibilities will include drilling new oil fields, designing oil-extraction equipment, and so on.

  • Median salary: $137,702


A geoscientist’s day is spent studying the physical properties of the earth to understand the activities beneath. They are highly sorted after by energy companies to help identify safe and efficient extraction of oil and natural gas from the earth.

Geoscientists can also work in the energy sector regulatory agencies to help establish regulations and rules governing the extraction of resources from the earth.

  • Median salary: $92,040

Wind Farm Site Manager

As the world pushes for an increase in the consumption of sustainable energy, a career path as a wind farm site manager promises to provide job security and satisfaction. Some of your responsibilities will be to oversee the personnel assigned to these wind farm sites, hence you must possess excellent leadership skills.

As the manager, you’ll also be tasked with ensuring the multiple turbines are running efficiently. You’ll be required to ensure the generation of electrical energy, and must have a good understanding of turbines and wind farming technology.

  • Median salary: $110,630

Atmospheric Scientist

The wind-energy field requires atmospheric experts to provide advice on the best places and techniques for harvesting wind energy. Atmospheric scientists have a deeper understanding of the weather and the ability the make predictions that enhance wind energy.

There’s a huge potential in this field and is one of the best green jobs.

  • Median salary: $95,380

Environmental Engineer

Another area of great interest is the environmental engineer, whose roles include designing projects to monitor environmental improvements and proper extraction and use of energy. They also help create a safer and cleaner future for the environment.

This career has many disciplines, like waste disposal, recycling, public health, and sustainability.

  • Median salary: $88,860

Solar Project Manager

Solar installation is taking the world by storm as more and more people are finding it affordable and more sustainable. That means the demand for solar project managers is always high.

Your responsibilities as a solar project manager are to oversee the installation of solar equipment, plan schedules and budgets, and obtain the necessary work permits. Additionally, you'll be required to manage a team of engineers, financial analysts, and legal experts.

  • Median salary: $84,000

Solar Project Developer

The solar field is vast, and it's only going to get bigger. This means there will always be a demand for someone to help plan, build, and maintain solar farms and installations. The roles of a solar developer include determining the best sites for solar projects and overseeing the correct installation of solar panels and battery systems.

  • Median salary: $84,130

Wind Turbine Technician

Another potential job in the renewable energy sector is a wind turbine technician who installs, inspects, and maintains, as well as repairs wind turbines. You don’t want to pursue this career though if you have fear of heights.

You’ll need to examine equipment regularly to ensure they are working efficiently. You must be knowledgeable about the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems of the equipment to identify issues.

  • Median salary: $24.29 per hour

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers help with the planning, design, and supervision of infrastructure. From tunnels, and energy grids, to highways, civil engineers oversee construction on a massive scale and are critical to the energy industry.

You can get a career to help design and build solar farms, hydroelectric dams, and so on. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree for this position.

  • Median salary: $87,060

Materials Engineer

A career as a materials engineer involves performing various functions aimed at improving materials in a practical application. They help create new materials for vehicles, solar panels, home construction, etc., to make them lighter and improve efficiency.

With the advent of electric vehicles, it’s a promising career with growth potential.

  • Median salary: $93,360

How to Find Jobs in Energy

Apart from referrals from your network, you can look for jobs in energy from job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. You can also research companies to find out if they have open positions and apply directly.