Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

Looking for the best paying jobs in consumer durables? You’ve come to the right place. The consumer durables market has been growing at a steady rate. The growth is driven by the emerging retail boom, housing demand and real estate, greater disposable income among the younger population, and the overall increase in the affluence level of a huge section of the population. Experts anticipate this trend to continue, hence the demand for job positions in the consumer durables industry.

What Are Consumer Durables?

The consumer durables industry can be broadly categorized into two:

  • Consumer Electronics, which include TVs, mobile phones, MP3 players, DVD players, etc.

  • Consumer Appliances, including washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, audio equipment, microwave ovens, etc.

To explain this further, consumer durables goods are those with a long-life span, designed for repeated use.

What Are the Qualification Requirements to Work in Consumer Durables Industry?

The consumer durables industry is wide, and the qualifications will vary depending on the specific role you're interested in. Generally, you must have at least a diploma or equivalent. Some jobs may require additional training or certification.


The Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

There are endless opportunities in the consumer durables industry. Below, we’ve curated the top 8 best-paying jobs you can start applying for.

Product Manager

First up is the product manager. A product manager links design knowledge, corporate strategy, and consumer demands to create a viable and valued product. They work closely with the engineering, sales, marketing, and support departments to ensure customer satisfaction and company revenue goals are reached.

The average salary for a product manager is $75,000 and above. The work of a product manager also involves handling several tasks, and you need sharp skills to oversee product production and marketing.

Sales Manager

The sales department is the core component of any business or company. The work of a sales manager is to hire, lead, and motivate a high-performing sales team to ensure they meet and exceed the revenue plans.

The team is also tasked with generating leads and satisfying customer needs. The sales manager’s roles also include building customer relationships and closing deals. They also mentor and coach the sales team to do the same. It's one of the high-paying jobs in consumer durables, with a median income of around $132,000.

Quality Assurance Engineer

A quality assurance engineer, as the name suggests, is tasked with accessing the overall safety, quality, and reliability of a product to ensure compliance with industry standards. They are responsible for communicating with consumers to deliver products that meet their demands.

You will need a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering to land a job in this role. The median income of a quality assurance manager ranges from $59,000-$112,000.

Social Media Manager

Almost every company has an online store that advertises or sells products to online consumers. Social media serves as a great advertising and marketing tool for any eCommerce business. With most of the population using social media, businesses must ensure a steady presence on social media platforms.

As a social media manager, your role is to manage your company’s social media and use it to generate leads and landing pages that will increase the company's sales. The average salary for this job group is $29,000.


Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, your responsibilities include preparing estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns, as well as developing and implementing marketing plans. You'll be working with sales teams to find the best strategies to promote the company’s products and/or services.

A great marketing manager is a people person, with excellent communication and leadership skills. They need to understand customer needs to develop marketing campaigns that are appealing to the target audience.

Senior Executive

A senior executive serves in high management and is usually regarded as an authority figure. Besides making executive decisions, this role involves providing strategic administrative support to the CEO, CTO, CFO, and other high-ranking professionals.

Be prepared to work closely with the CEO, preparing reports, making recommendations, evaluating projects by relevant KPIs, monitoring and analyzing marketing trends, and so on. 

Strategy Consultant

A strategy consultant’s job is to evaluate a company’s business processes and goals and give recommendations that will steer the company in the right direction. Apart from helping a company achieve its objectives, a strategy consultant offers strategies like revenue growth and cost-cutting.

They also identify trends within specific markets and help organizations define their markets and make critical decisions affecting those markets. Strategic consultants are also responsible for identifying existing challenges and troubleshooting them to provide tangible solutions.

You should be an out-of-the-box thinker who can creatively come up with strategies to help a company adapt to the changing conditions that affect goals and the bottom line.

Human Resource Manager

The human resource manager (HR) position is pivotal to the successful running of a business. The HR manager holds several responsibilities, the top ones being:

  • Managing the recruitment and onboarding process

  • Establishing HR strategies that align with company culture and mission

  • Handling employee issues, such as grievances and complaints

  • Determining training needs of employees and monitoring training programs

  • Promoting a positive and happy working environment that will consequently boost employee morale

As you can see, the HR position is a big role that requires someone with great leadership skills. The job commands a lot of respect in the industry and pays handsomely. The HR manager also confers with senior executives about HR strategies and implementation.

Where to Apply for Jobs in Consumer Durables

Job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed allow you to search for open positions. You can also contact the HR manager directly and inquire about available vacancies. Consumer durables jobs pay well, and your qualifications may determine your overall compensation.