Best Outdoor Fire Pit Grills In 2022

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Grills In 2022

Nothing recreates the experience of a campfire than a fire pit. Now, imagine a fire pit grill that not only keeps you warm but also lets you grill some barbecue over an open fire. That’s what you get with the best fire pit grills. Whether you host gatherings every weekend or simply like spending more time outdoors, a fire pit and grill offer the perfect combination for your backyard space. But with so many options in the market, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve done the research for you on the best outdoor fire pit grills in 2022 to make your experience less stressful.

The 5 Best Fire Pit Grills of 2022

Let’s get straight to the list of the top fire pit grills you can consider this year.

Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit


The Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit with Cooking Grill features an innovative design that adds glamor to your backyard. This model is highly functional with four sturdy stands to provide stable support.

The circular fire pit is 32 inches in diameter and comes with an adjustable grill attachment that you can adjust up and down and swivel 360 degrees for even cooking. The fire pit is designed with a poker and a log rack that ensures pieces of wood stay crisscrossed for complete burning.

There’s a small ledge around the edge that can conveniently hold roasting supplies or drinks.


  • Made with a collapsible triangle frame that offers maximum ventilation

  • Sturdy design

  • Easily portable, at just 27 pounds

  • The grill rotates a full 360 degrees for easy cooking


  • Can rust

  • Assembly isn’t the easiest

Sunnydaze 36-inch Wood Fire Pit and Grill


This 36-inch Wood Fire Pit and Grill combo from Sunnydaze weighs around 30 pounds, making it easy to move in and out of your backyard when necessary. At 36 inches, it's large enough to accommodate bonfires in your patio or yard.

The unit is made with alloy steel and features a cooking grate for barbecuing. The hinged door on the mesh screen, which lifts up, gives you easy access to burning logs, hot dogs and burgers, or any food on the grilling grate. There’s also a tubular metal rail encircling the unit that enables you to easily carry it from one point to another.

The brazier is made from steel and coated in black high-temperature paint, making it rust-resistant. Plus, it comes with a protective vinyl cover.


  • Large 20-inch chrome grill to handle food for a crowd

  • Highly durable courtesy of the thick steel and high-temperature finish

  • Comes with a full grill set; spark screen, poker tool, weather-resistant cover, rectangular cooking grate


  • A bit hectic to assemble

Lehman’s Heavy Duty Fire Pit Grill


The Lehman’s Backyard Fire Pit Grill is large, with its 25-1/2”OD grill capable of handling enough food for a large crowd. The grill can be used to heat canned food, water, or grill meat and vegetables.

It's painted with high temperature 1200F black paint, and the grill is made from stainless steel. The unit comprises eight sides and four side panels. Each of the four side panels has an air vent that serves as a gateway for smoke, and you can control how much air reaches the fire.


  • Comes with a five-year warranty

  • Has a swinging grill that’s adjustable upward or downward

  • Built to last using heavy-duty steel


  • Assembly takes 30-60 minutes

  • Pricey

BioLite+ Smokeless Fire Pit Grill


If you are looking for a fire pit and grill combo that’s more advanced, check out the BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Grill. As the name suggests, it's completely smokeless. The unit creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology.

You can lift the fuel rack and toss in charcoal to transform the fire pit into a grill. It comes with a grill grate and uses Bluetooth to remotely control the size of your flames. It's equipped with a 1200mAh battery that can last for more than 24 hours on low.


  • Bluetooth support

  • Lightweight for ease of portability

  • Smokeless


  • Gets noisy when the fan is set on the highest speed

Pop-Up Fire Pit and BBQ Grill from Campfire Defender


Made from stainless steel, the Pop-Up Fire Pit and Grill is designed to be truly portable. The unit packs into two separate bags smaller than a tent. Combined, the package weighs just 16lbs, but when assembled, it transforms into a 24-inch x 24-inch fire pit with a Quad-folding grill on top.

It’s shipped with an additional heat shield, allowing you to use the pit on any surface without worrying about damage. You can quickly convert the grill into a fire pit after you're done cooking by simply removing the grill.


  • Wide enough grill to cook for large parties

  • Easy to assemble

  • Dual bag design to separately store greasy grill grates and fire pit


  • The heat shield isn’t durable

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Safety. This has to be the foremost factor when buying a fire pit + grill. Open flames can be extremely dangerous and you wouldn’t want a unit that can cause fire hazards or accidents. So, be sure to check the safety features, like the heat shield that comes with the Campfire Defender Pop-Up Pit.

Shape and Size. The size and shape of your grill will be determined by several factors, including the number of people you intend to entertain, how big your yard or patio is, and if you’ll be taking it camping often. If it's too big, it might be cumbersome to fit in your car.

Weight and portability. Besides the shape and size of the fire pit and grill, you should also consider its weight. Will you be moving it often? Will you be taking it camping? A lightweight unit makes traveling easy. A smaller unit is ideal if you plan to use it for family-sized barbecues in your backyard.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Fuel source; wood or coal

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Ease of assembling

  • Included accessories

  • Durability

  • Price

Our Notes

  • Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit with Cooking Grill – aesthetically pleasing with a grill that rotates 360 degrees to promote even cooking.

  • Sunnydaze 36-inch Wood Fire Pit and Grill – it's large and coated with high-temperature paint to prevent rust.

  • Lehman’s Heavy Duty Fire Pit Grill – made of heavy-duty steel and fitted with air vents to control your fire.

  • BioLite+ Smokeless Fire Pit Grill – a completely smokeless design that comes with a battery that can last up to 30 hours and features Bluetooth.

  • Pop-Up Fire Pit and BBQ Grill from Campfire Defender – lightweight and easily portable with a heat shield.