The Best Murphy Beds You Can Buy in 2019

The Best Murphy Beds You Can Buy in 2019
Nantucket Murphy
Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest by Atlantic Furniture | Imabe by the manufacturer

Murphy beds have an intriguing set of advantages when it comes to picking out a bed for small homes or apartment spaces. While large homes can take just about any type of bed without problem, urban living often comes with constrained space. This is where you might want to consider a Murphy bed. This is a unique type of bed that not only provides traditional bed functionality, but can be folded up neatly when not in use. This makes more space available to do other things during the day, such as using your sleeping space as a living room. Below, we’ve selected the best Murphy beds around.

Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest by Atlantic Furniture

The Nantucket Murphy Queen Bed proves that you don’t need to sacrifice style when choosing a Murphy bed. This beautifully constructed bed folds away into a stately wooden chest, with drawers for storing clothes or other items. The bed itself comes with a queen-sized or twin-sized mattress. The mattress comes with CoolSoft premium material to keep you comfortably cool while sleeping. Depending on the configuration, the Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest costs between $800 and $1,100. Multiple colors are available for the bed, including white, grey, and espresso.

Creden-ZzZ Queen Studio Ash Cabinet Bed

With its emphasis on aesthetics, the Creden-ZzZ Queen Cabinet Bed is a fit for rooms that need to serve as sleep space as well as entertaining area. Its wooden ash construction and finish make for a pleasing furniture item when closed up. The quality of the design makes this a delightful Murphy bed, one that hardly looks like a bed until it’s unfolded. The mattress provides a comfortable night’s sleep and is easy to set up for the night. The Creden-ZzZ Queen Cabinet Bed costs around $1,900-$2,000.

Bestar Queen
Bestar Queen Wall Bed with Two 21” Storage Units | Image by the manufacturer

Bestar Queen Wall Bed with Two 21” Storage Units

For those who need maximum storage space along with their Murphy bed, the Bestar Queen Wall Bed with two 21 Inch storage units is a solid option. Priced at $1,900-$2,300, the bed has storage space which can be used as cupboards, book-shelves, or wardrobe. The sleek wooden design, available in both white and chocolate, will make a positive contribution to the looks of your room. You can easily use this bed in a living room during the day because of its unique construction.

Night & Day Murphy Cabinet Bed

Available in three glossy finishes, cherry, chocolate, and white, the Night & Day Murphy Cabinet Bed has all the amenities you could want. Its queen gel foam mattress makes for a pleasant night’s sleep, while its hardwood construction makes for durability. In keeping with tech-enabled lifestyles, the Night & Day Murphy Cabinet Bed even comes with a built-in USB jack and electrical plug for your gadgets. It’s priced between $1,900 and $2,000.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Most standard-sized rooms can take a vertically-folding Murphy bed, which is the type of most Murphy beds. However, it’s important to take measurements of your room height and width, especially if your ceiling is low. In such cases, you might want a horizontally-folding model instead.

Our Notes

  • Nantucket Murphy Queen Bed: The drawer’s dimensions are 2 inches W x 17 ⅛ inches D x 8 inches H.
  • Creden-ZzZ Queen Studio Ash Cabinet Bed: You can assemble the bed yourself or get it with Expert Assembly, done for you for $136.33.
  • Bestar Queen Wall Bed with Two 21” Storage Units: Comes with a queen-size Euroslat mattress for sleeping comfort.
  • Night & Day Murphy Cabinet Bed: Sold with a 10-year warranty.

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“Great piece of furniture. All hardwood construction. Delivered 90% assembled. Great value and great bed for those with a lack of space.” (James DeMay on Amazon)

“Note that we are now approaching August and we still have a defective bed. We do not recommend this product or this seller. They got 1 star because zero stars was not an option.” (Norma on Amazon)

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