Best Mail Order Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Best Mail Order Turkeys for Thanksgiving

The secret to enjoying your Thanksgiving feast is to plan ahead. With just a few weeks to go, you might want to start placing your orders now for fresh, heritage breeds of turkey before they run out of stock. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, your best bet is to pre-order your turkey to get the right size. Sure, you can get your birds from the local farm and do all the prepping. But that might take the time that you don’t have. So, for stress-free feasting, why not order a deliciously smoked turkey that you can enjoy with family and friends? Here are the top companies from which to mail-order your turkey for this year’s Thanksgiving.

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Have you ever tried smoked turkey? Order one or two from Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc. and get it delivered to your doorstep by Thanksgiving. Greenberg smokes their turkeys over a hickory fire to give you a delicious flavor, eye-catching color, a smoky taste, and moist meat. Sliced and served cold or slightly warmed in the oven, you will leave guests asking for more. Let your Thanksgiving begin by placing your orders now.

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Based in Union, New Jersey, D’Artagan is the best place to buy 100% organic, farm-raised birds. Fresh or frozen, they offer free-range, organic pasture-raised heritage turkeys as well as wild turkeys. The birds are not given any animal by-products, antibiotics, or growth hormones, which means you get healthy meat with a rich flavor. Choose birds from eight to 24 pounds and celebrate Thanksgiving in style.

Organic Prairie is a popular Midwestern company known for organic dairy produce. Organic Prairie happens to be the meat division producing a whole range of meat products ranging from chicken, turkeys, grass-fed beef and pork sausages. Their turkeys are free from synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. The company prides itself in raising their turkeys on organic diet only. When you order from Organic Prairie, expect to get a juicy, deep golden and crispy bird. They offer their turkeys in the 13- to 16-pound range. If you don’t want the whole turkey, order the bone-in, skin-on turkey breast instead.

Fossil Farms is a reputable purveyor known for supplying heritage-breed birds. The company sources all their turkeys from family-owned farms that only use organic diet. According to the company, the birds are raised roaming freely on small farms located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are fed a vegetarian diet of soybean meal, alfalfa, rye, oats, and corn.

With a long-standing reputation, Willie Birds has been raising and selling free-range turkeys in Sonoma County, California for over 50 years. The company’s favorite style is smoked whole turkeys but you can order fresh or frozen whole turkeys via mail order. The birds roam freely around the company’s ranch and if you live nearby, you can head on to the farm’s retail store and take your best pick.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

How many people are you planning on hosting for Thanksgiving dinner? Different companies offer a variety of turkey sizes to choose from and it's important to know how much meat you need before placing your orders. Mail-order turkeys are delivered in two options: Precooked turkeys that require reheating or frozen, uncooked turkeys if you prefer cooking at home. You also want to go for the perfect turkey flavor that will blend in with the rest of your meal. You can choose hickory-smoked, deep-fried, or apple-smoked turkeys among other flavors.

Our Notes

  • Greenberg Smoked Turkey: Offering hickory-smoked turkey with a rich flavor.
  • D’Artagnan: A reputable company offering 100% organic farm-raised and wild turkeys.
  • Organic Prairie: The company prides itself in supplying turkeys fed on organic diet only.
  • Fossil Farms: Most of their turkeys are sourced from family farms which are raised roaming freely and eating an organic diet.
  • Willie Bird Turkeys: With over 50 years of in the industry, they supply free-range smoked or frozen whole turkeys.

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“Amazing Turkey!!! This turkey is incredibly delicious! Also 14lbs without all the saline and other junk that in injected into supermarket turkeys is a lot more turkey! This ate like a 17-18lbs turkey from the store. But it is AMAZING. Best turkey I've had, hands down. Definitely worth the money.” (Rachel Wilson-Ross on

“Absolutely the best turkey I have ever had. Seasoned very lightly because I wanted to see if I could taste a difference, I smoked this bird at 225° until the thigh meat reach 165° and I can definitely say it was worth the extra money this year. The taste of this meat is amazing! flavorful, juicy, and tender. I noticed this bird had more fat almost similar to a duck. I will be ordering another bird for Xmas." (GB on

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Any thoughts? Let us know your comments!

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