Best Hair Care Gadgets that are Totally Worth the Money

Best Hair Care Gadgets that are Totally Worth the Money

What does your hair say about you? When we talk about a "bad hair day" we're really talking about a day in which everything went wrong. Our hair shouldn't matter that much, but it does. We only get on average seven seconds to make a first impression. Your hair is one of the things people assess about you in that brief period. Spending a few dollars on hair care products is something we all do. Even the least style-conscious person washes their hair and styles it with some products, but if you want to take things a little further, you need some of these gadgets.

GHD Platinum + Professional Performance Ceramic Flat Iron


If you want to straighten your hair but you need to avoid heat damage, this is the flat iron to buy. They also perform well, meaning you can straighten, curl or wave your hair with ease thanks to plates that are constantly monitored to make sure they deliver an even distribution of heat that's optimized at 365 degrees. You'll need $250 to buy these but they're worth it.

Remington D3190

Image by the manufacturer

Your hairdryer is the most important gadget you own but it's often overlooked. How long have you had the hairdryer you use? Perhaps it's time to buy a new one. If so, get the Remington D3190. At around $20, it's affordable but it doesn't lack performance. It's 1875w max power motor will make quick work of even the wettest hair, and there are three heat settings along with two-speed settings. The cold shot button is a great feature. This allows you to lock in your hairstyle after drying your locks.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Image by the manufacturer

This is a hairdryer but it's nothing like the Remington D3190. This budget-friendly dryer only has 1100 watts of power but it's enough to dry and volumize your hair. The best thing about this hair dryer is the design. There are two kinds of brushes. There are nylon-lined side bristles along with boar bristles with curved edges. This lightweight and inexpensive device dispenses air quickly and has multiple heat settings.

Dyson Airwrap

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This device uses air to wrap hair, so there's no clamping or awkward winding mechanisms involved when you want voluminous curls and waves. It uses powerful airflow coupled with heat to dry and style your damp hair. That means there's no extreme heat applied to your hair meaning no chance of damaging your silky tresses. All Dyson Airwrap stylers come with sets that include barrels to curl hair, and brushes to smooth.

HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb

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If you want to stimulate hair growth, the HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb is highly recommended. It's FDA cleared and clinically proven. There are currently 14 international medical device licenses for it, and 6 medical journals have been published to back up HairMax's claims that this device will stimulate hair growth. All you need is as little as 90 seconds every other day with this device and you'll see improvements.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Good hair care devices will work for many years so they’re worth investing in.

Our Notes

  • HairMax laser devices are proven to provide an average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per square inch.
  • If you’re buying hair straighteners, make sure you buy ones with auto shut off.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Very impressed! You'll never go back to ordinary hairdryers!” (Jayne reviewing Dyson Airwrap on Amazon)

“Used for the first time today love how has 3 different heat and 3 power settings along with a button to press and hold for just cooling for a minute. Left my hair lovely and soft.” (Keely reviewing Remington D3190 on Amazon)

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