Best Gaming Mobiles in the Market

Best Gaming Mobiles in the Market

Mobile gaming has made it possible for game lovers to play great games offline and online, wherever and whenever they want. However, games get bigger, more power-hungry, and graphically superior with each major release, so you need a phone that can keep up. As you may know, there are smartphones made specifically for gaming, meaning they are a step up from your average regular handset. Such phones come fully loaded with overlooked processor, a cooling fan and high refresh rate screens. Below we’ve picked the best gaming mobiles to take your game to the next level.

Razer Phone 2

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The 120Hz QHD is the most unique feature of razer phone 2 setting the bars for other gaming mobiles to follow. This display makes gameplay look smoother, brighter and easy to maneuver. For quality audio, the phone has a built-in 24-bit DAC and the speakers are loud enough. The phone has a resolution of 1,440 *2,560 pixels accompanied by a 120Hz refresh rate. Razer Phone 2 has a snapdragon 845 processor, a cooling system and a massive heat pipe to keep this package running super cool. Unlike other gaming mobiles with global gaming, Razer has a curated list of mobile games in its Cortex Mobile app which automatically adjusts settings like resolution, frame rate, and CPU clock speeds to run games optimally.

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Asus ROG

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There is no doubt that the Asus ROG phone is the best gaming phone right now. It packs excellent specs like snapdragon 845 processor (0.16GHz faster than usual), a 90Hz display and virtualized air triggers. It’s a 6-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, playing games on this phone has never felt better. Thanks to its vapor chambers and liquid cooling system, the phone is always cool.

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iPhone XR

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iPhone XR is an iOS operated phone, with amazing fast A12 Bionic processors, powerful graphics performance and tight hardware/software integration. This is the best gaming phone among all iPhones, plus it’s rated high compared to most android phones. Additionally, it has extended battery life. All sorts of games can be easily played in this device making gaming seamless all through. Specifications include:

  • Weight:194
  • Dimensions:150.9*75.7*8.3mm,
  • OS: iOS 12
  • Resolution: 828*1792 pixels
  • CPU: Apple A12 Bionic.
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Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is among the few designed phones to look just normal but with better graphics performance than the rest. This phone is very popular and one of the best around without forgetting that it's carefully tuned for gaming. Samsung S10 is the first phone optimized for Unity-run games. Furthermore, the CPU has been optimized for smoother gameplay for all mobile games no matter which engine they’re built on. Galaxy S10 users can turn on an enhanced gaming mode that provides better video and audio from the infinity-O display and Dolby speakers. The phone has an 'advanced heat pipe’ for cooling, making it cooler than other competing handsets.

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To Consider Before Your Purchase

  • RAM: It is possible to play a game on a one GB RAM phone, but it’s recommended you go for a phone with two GB RAM or higher. You get to have better game experience and you can download a lot of games without difficulties. Plus, the games tend to run smoothly every time.
  • Chipset: Processor and CPU are very important components in all gaming phones. High processing power implies that you're able to manage multiple tasks at the same time, including a video game. The game should play without lagging.

Our Notes

  • Razer Phone 2: It’s a 120Hz QHD display phone, operating on a snapdragon 845 processor and has a fast refresh rate.
  • Asus ROG: Among the best gaming phone with a 90Hz display, virtualized air triggers, and excellent cooling system. iPhone XR: It’s an iOS phone running on an A12 Bionic processor and has powerful graphics performance.
  • Sony Xperia XZ2: Has dual front-facing speakers offering the best console-like experience.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: The first phone optimized for Unity run games and its users can turn on an enhanced gaming mode that provides better video and audio from the infinity-O display and Dolby speakers.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Razer 2 ... simply the best smartphone, period. This Razer 2 was bought for my wife for her birthday we both have Razer 2's each with a 512gb memory card for a total of 576 gigs each... Best smartphone on the planet!” (Dwayne H. on Amazon)

“For UAE gamers update: you will not regret buying ROG phone!!! its beyond perfect and im so much enjoying using/playing on this phone! 4g/LTE is working fine here at UAE. No issues at all.” (Kabriel Paulo Baluyot on Amazon)

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