Best Electric Scooters for Adults in 2022

Best Electric Scooters for Adults in 2022
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Electric scooters can be not just fun to own, but an essential means to get around. They excel at short distances and can go places where larger vehicles, such as cars, cannot enter. Due to this, scooters are commonly used in busy urban areas. Some use them for short commutes to and from work, for example. Since you can typically use scooters on the sidewalks, they are advantageous for avoiding traffic jams on the main roads. For eco-friendly commuters, scooters promise a light carbon footprint, with some boasting no carbon emissions whatsoever. Find out your top options for an electric scooter in 2022 and beyond.


GigaByke Groove

The GigaByke Groove might not be the cheapest option for an electric scooter at its $1,500 retail price, but it offers an experience that other scooters might not have. It accommodates a commuter in a sitting position and has a good 35 miles of riding range without needing to recharge the battery. For city commutes, that means you can get through the day’s commuting demands in comfort and not have to bother recharging until the evening. A maximum speed of 20 miles per hour means that you’ll get to a lot of places faster than the average scooter. A night lamp at the front and light reflectors help to enhance the rider’s night-time commuting safety.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Scooter

Razor manufactures a wide range of personal mobility vehicles including electric scooters, kick scooters, hoverboards, and electric skateboards. The company’s 19-year history in the American market makes it a reputable name in the scooter business. Its Razor EcoSmart Metro Scooter boasts an emissions-free travel experience thanks to its electric battery and a frame that is powder-coated. The scooter will appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers who need to get places in comfort. A padded seat and wide bamboo deck add to the comfort of your commute, with the 36 V lead acid battery providing up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The Razor EcoSmart Metro Scooter costs $399.99.

Ecoreco S5
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Ecoreco S5

The $799 Ecoreco S5 is a sporty electric scooter that appeals to outdoor types. Its limited range of 20 miles makes it unsuitable for long commutes, but it offers plenty for short, recreational, excursions. It has a slim, stylish design with a black body and orange wheels. With a weight of just 30 pounds, it’s not a big burden pushing it home or carrying it if the battery runs out before you’re quite home. It also doesn’t take up very much space indoors where you may need to park it or store it temporarily. If you are catching a taxi or other ride, this scooter can be folded neatly and carried on board easily.

Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

With its lightweight but highly durable design, the Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter is ideal for urban use on fairly short commutes. It folds up like a suitcase and can be pulled behind the person just like a suitcase with wheels can. It will fit right on the bus with you, making it a good option for connecting between rides. This scooter has a lithium battery of 6.6 Ah which gives you a commute distance of about 15 miles. The scooter is easy to use, with a simple design and controls that make it easy for new scooter riders to master. It costs $499.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

If you need to commute long distances to work, you will need a scooter with a bigger battery. The GigaByke Groove might be your best option. You also need to take into account your local state laws for riding electric scooters. For example, in Indiana, scooters are not allowed on highways, and California allows scooters only on roads with a 35 mph speed limit or less.

Our Notes

  • GigaByke Groove: It can take a maximum rider weight of 250 pounds.

  • Razor EcoSmart Metro Scooter: The large 16 inch pneumatic tube tires provide a more comfortable ride.

  • Ecoreco S5: Has a configurable top speed of 20 mph, 12 mph, or 7 mph.
  • Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter: Never-flat Honeycomb airless tires make tire maintenance a breeze.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“As an avid researcher before purchasing just about anything, I was happy to find out that the Gigabyke turned out to be everything many said it would be. Pricing in at $1399.95, this was a bargain compared to the Jetson ($1799.99 + shipping). For reference sake, I'm 5'10"" and 190lbs. This bike was able to get me up hills no problem.” (Phil H. on Amazon)

“PROBLEM I only get 8 miles per charge, I have 15 miles and have to charge it twice. I only got 7 miles out of the second charge. I called Gigabyke and they say is more likely a defective fuse and now I have to wait for them to send me a replacements and hope it works. Makes no sense a new Gigabyke and I'm having charging problems. all my miles have been downhill and level areas” (Juan H Berrios Jr. on Amazon)

These, considered as the best electric scooters for 2022 will drive you to anywhere you have ever wanted

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