The Best Electric Blankets to Buy this Winter

The Best Electric Blankets to Buy this Winter

When you start noticing some bizarre readings on the thermometer, then you’re well aware that the ice age is upon us. During that time, the regular throw blanket is never enough to protect you from the cold. The only way to keep warm and cozy is to use an electric blanket. This heated blanket can be used anywhere in the house and even in the car, depending on its style. What’s more, the blanket consumes less energy as opposed to heating your entire home. Plus, it’s capable of maintaining a consistent temperature for a long period.

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Sunbeam Veltel Heated Blanket

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The first thing you notice when you look at this blanket is how cozy it looks. Apart from that, the blanket is soft and incorporates ten heating settings. This heated blanket from Sunbeam allows you to find that perfect heating spot depending on the time of the day or night. Many people have reported sleeping better if they use this blanket at night. It uses ThermoFine technology when distributing and adjusting heat so that it can maintain a consistent heat level at all times. Interestingly, the blanket comes with a preheating setting where you can warm up the sheets before bedtime. With a 4.3 rating from more than 2,500 customer reviews on Amazon, it shows how popular and reliable it is.

Biddeford Heated Blanket

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If you’re sharing the electric blanket with your partner, it can be hard to agree on the same heat level. If that is the case, Biddeford electric blanket features a dual control option. Meaning you both have control of whichever heat levels you want separately. Surprisingly, the blanket is very affordable, with the king and queen’s sizes have two controllers for dual heating. The blanket is made of soft microplush fabric on one side and a cozy Sherpa on the other. It also comes with a ten-hour auto shut-off option and is machine-washable.

Micro Flannel Reverse to Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket 

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When it comes to the best patterned electric blanket, Micro Flannel is your go-to option. You can obtain it in blue or green floral print, and it has fleece and Sherpa on each side. It comes with a “quick heat” feature that can get to maximum heat within 30 minutes. It also has ten heat setting that allows you to adjust the heat to suit your desired level. The king and queen sizes have dual controllers, while the twin and full sizes have single controllers. Besides the floral prints, the blanket is also available in stripped pattern and other plain colors like rose and Wedgewood blue. Remember to set the shutdown timer between 12 to 10 hours for safety measures.

L.L. Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket at L.L.Bean 

Indeed, this blanket is very cozy just as the name suggests. It’s designed with lush ribbed top layer (100 percent polyester) and velvety bottom layer (loftmink polyester) and is fitted with channels to distribute heat all over. The Full/Queen or King size come with dual light-up controllers, while the Twin size comes with one controller. The blanket has ultra-thin wires, and features patented IntelliSense technology for keeping off hot or cold spots. Note that even on lower setting, the blanket will still keep you warm all night. It has five heating settings including a “preheat” setting that warms your bed before you get in. You can pick from an array of exciting colors like cream and grey.

Perfect Fit Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Heated Blanket 

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How about a blanket that gives you the warmth you deserve without blowing up your monthly electric bills? Perfect Fit Luxury low-voltage electric heated blanket is made from soft brushed 100 percent polyester luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece, which is fitted with micro-thin wires to ensure even distribution of heat. It has a SoftHeat setting, which delivers gentle heating all the time. The blanket uses low voltage technology, creating a safer environment for pets and even when it gets wet. It’s available in queen and king sizes, as well as twin and full. Choose from a variety of plain colors with the larger sizes having dual controllers.

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