Best Drones for Kids in 2022: Tips and Hints for your Purchase

Best Drones for Kids in 2022: Tips and Hints for your Purchase

Are you looking to buy the best drones for your kids? You must be thinking of just going for the cheapest. However, if your kid is a budding photographer or content creator, you might want to consider drones that offer excellent features. Sometimes called toy drones, these gadgets may not come with all the bells and whistles of the best drones in the market (or even the best budget drones). Yet, they still offer the fun of a real drone and can make the perfect gift for your kids. In this post, we review some of the best drones for kids in 2022. We also share a valuable drone buying guide at the bottom of the page.


Best Premium Drone with Camera

The Holy Stone HS260 Drone for Kids and Adults is a foldable drone released in July 2020. It packs amazing features for the price, including a 30-minute flight time and a maximum flight distance of 328 feet.

The drone’s camera has a resolution of 1080p FHD that adjusts 90 degrees and is integrated with gesture mode that allows you to take photos and videos using hand signals. You also get voice control and the function to draw your own flight path on your smartphone and then watch the drone follow the trajectory.

Special Features

  • 1920x1080 pixels video output resolution

  • Voice control

  • Instant sharing of photos and videos

  • Trajectory, gravity, voice, and gesture control

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to set up and fly

  • Carry case to safely transport the drone

  • Great camera

Reasons to Avoid

  • The remote control might not fit most modern smartphones

  • Software issues


Best for Beginners

First-time fliers want something fun and easy to control. That’s what the Potensic Upgraded A20 offers. It's fast and agile, offering beginners a thrilling flight experience. It comes with an altitude hold function, which makes it easier to control.

The propeller guards protect the drone upon collision, which is highly ideal for kids. It's fitted with an emergency button that quickly stops the drone if it experiences any issues.

Special Features

  • Lightweight

  • One-key take-off and landing function

  • Propeller guards to protect the drone from damage

Reasons to Buy

  • The best low-priced drone

  • Three different flight speeds

  • Kid-friendly remote

Reasons to Avoid

  • Hard to change batteries


Best for Photographers

The Snaptain SP500 is a great drone for kids 14 years and above interested in photography. It has a high-quality build and comes with features like altitude hold, one-key take-off and landing, and emergency stop.

The drone won't get lost out in the woods, thanks to the return home feature. It’s also equipped with the 'Follow Me’ feature that lets it literally follow the kid.

Special Features

  • Snaptain app for real-time footage

  • 5G WiFi 800-foot transmission

  • Gesture control and hands-free

Reasons to Buy

  • 15-minute flight time and comes with two batteries

  • Return home and “Follow Me” features

  • HD pictures

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some reviewers complained the battery died quickly


Best for Kids with Some Experience

If your kid already knows how to fly a drone, you can upgrade to this quadcopter drone, which offers up to 22 minutes of flight time. It's larger than most kids' drones but is still simple to control.

It sports a bright yellow paint, making it highly visible from far. The drone has a hovering altitude mode and remote control responsive headless mode. Not to mention it can perform tricks, such as 3D flips and high-speed rotation.

Special Features

  • One-key start

  • Altitude hold

  • Headless mode

  • Emergency stop

Reasons to Buy

  • Protection guards protect kids from spinning propellers and the drone from collision

  • 22-minute flight time and easily swappable batteries

  • 12-month customer service

Reasons to Avoid

  • According to some customers, the drone broke within hours of use


Best for a Night Light Show

Featuring a choice of seven colors and four modes, the Multicolor Drone for Kids by Tomzon offers a spectacular light show, especially at night. You can change the lights while the drone is in flight, and it can perform 360-degree rotation, as well as 3D flips.

It also features auto-hover with Headless mode and comes with three speeds for kids to test their flight skills during the 18-minute flight time.

Special Features

  • Weighs 68 grams

  • A set of extra propellers

  • Emergency stop button

Reasons to Buy

  • Kid-friendly remote control

  • Propeller protective guards

  • A colorful display, especially at night

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some customers complained it wasn’t easy to replace propellers

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Kids will simply fly drones for fun. Therefore, the drone must have Headless mode, which means it will respond to the remote control’s direction no matter where it's facing. Likewise, features like single button take-off and landing and altitude mode will greatly help novice pilots.

You also want to get a drone with propeller guards. These are not only for safety reasons but also to protect the propellers from damage.

You should know, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that you register drones weighing 250 grams (0.55 pounds) or more. Most drones for kids weigh way less and hence do not need registration.

Our Notes

  • Holy Stone HS260 Drone for Kids and Adults – features voice control and the function to draw your own flight path.

  • Potensic Upgraded A20 – a low-priced drone with kid-friendly remote control, best suited for beginners.

  • Snaptain SP500 – has a “Return Home” feature to ensure the drone finds its way back home when the kid loses track of it.

  • Miggoing Quadcopter Drone – for older kids with some flying experience. It can perform 3D flips and high-speed rotation.

  • Tomzon Multicolor Drone for Kids – equipped with seven-color LED lights and four-color mode for a spectacular light show.

What Do Users Say on Other Sites?

Great for kids

We've had a lot of little drones and this one has by far been the best. My 4 year old and 9 year old each got one and they both can operate them very well.”

(Jamie Cooley on Amazon reviewing the Potensic A20) 

Stopped working in 1 day

I bought this drone for my daughter. Within a couple of hours the on/off button didn’t work anymore, as a result the controller stays constantly on and the drone doesn’t work!”

(Daniel B. on Amazon reviewing Miggoing Drone)