Best Baby Monitors in the Market Right Now

Best Baby Monitors in the Market Right Now
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While the value of baby monitors is disputed by some, it’s clear that the devices are useful for keeping tabs on a baby’s environment. If your child is playing outside, for example, and you have to go inside to complete a task, having a baby monitor can let you see what’s going on around the baby. True, a baby monitor cannot replace having a live human there to take care of the baby, but it’s useful as just another tool, among many, for keeping your baby safe. Below are the best devices for monitoring your baby.

iBaby Monitor M6T 

This $110 device is by iBaby Labs, a company specializing in products for the baby care market. IBaby Labs has won awards for its products, including the Mom’s Choice Awards and National Parenting Product Awards.

With the iBaby Monitor MT6, you get a baby monitor that’s suitable for monitoring both in daylight conditions and in the dark of night. The MT6 includes night-vision technology to enable you to track your baby’s surroundings after dark. It takes video in high definition 720p resolution. The device’s camera can pan a full 360 degrees. Besides video, the MT6 also captures and transmits audio.

A mobile app, iBaby Care is available for both Android and iOS. The app lets you play lullabies for the baby remotely or talk to the baby.

Arlo Baby by Netgear 

At $280, the Arlo Baby by Netgear is more expensive than most other devices for baby monitoring, but it comes from a reputable manufacturer and offers plenty of conveniences. Its 1080p HD video is one of the best you will find in the market.

The Arlo Baby is a truly smart device, and it has integration with Amazon Alexa as well as with Google Assistant. Infrared LED lights let you see your baby’s situation even at night, in complete darkness. You can easily adjust the light of the baby monitor at night to a desired color and warmth, remotely. The Arlo stores data in the cloud.

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HD Wifi Baby Monitor By Safety 1st 

Safety 1st is a company with a proud history of making safety products for the family. It has been known in the past for its “Baby On Board” yellow signs for cars, and other useful safety-promoting products. Now the company is in the baby monitoring business as well, and its Safety First HD Wifi Monitor has all the essentials you need.

The HD Wifi Baby Monitor has powerful audio and motion detection abilities. It is able to pick up even faint sounds, sending alerts to you. It takes 720p video, which it streams with very little lag, unlike some other devices. It offers good value for the $149 price tag.

Nanit Sleep System 

The Nanit Sleep System aims to be more than a baby monitor. It lets you track the baby’s sleeping patterns and other data in order to be more of a comprehensive baby care system.

TIME magazine called the Nanit Sleep System one of the “best inventions of 2018.” It not only collects video and other data at the moment, but provides up to a year of sleep insights from the recordings.

The device can be mounted overhead, on the wall, or on a table or other flat surface. Along with HD video and audio, it has highly reliable streaming which works even when your WiFi goes off. This system costs $448.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

The Arlo Baby by Netgear is a good solution for parents who want the complete package in a single product. If you would like a no-frills monitor, the iBaby Monitor MT6 will serve your needs well. You might want to consider whether to go for an internet-connected device or to avoid internet connections altogether. Devices with no access to the internet may be safer from hackers, but offer less convenience for internet monitoring.

Our Notes 

iBaby Monitor M6T: This baby monitor can track temperature and humidity conditions, along with sending motion alerts.

Arlo Baby by Netgear: Ready to plug into your Smart Home, works with Amazon Echo, Fire TV, and Apple’s Home Kit.

Safety 1st HD Wifi Monitor: A separate wifi chip on the device creates a firewall between it and your home wife, enhancing the level of privacy for the monitoring stream.

Nanit Sleep System: Expensive, but if you want the ultimate reliability in baby monitoring, this could be the system for you.

What Do They Say on Other Sites 

“We love the Nanit Baby Monitor thus far. My wife and I are first time parents and we spent a lot of time searching for the right monitor to keep an eye on our little one. Beyond the HD video and audio, what drew us to Nanit was the intelligence built into the product experience.” (Jonathan G. on Amazon)

“Great idea with good features, but poorly implemented - buggy and unreliable. If you want a baby monitor that works, this is not the solution for you. Recent app updates have made it less unreliable, but it still crashes on a regular basis.” (R. Otis on Amazon)


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