Best Baby Monitors for 2021

Best Baby Monitors for 2021

There's nothing more important than your baby's safety. Although we think we can't watch our kids all the time, we really have to when they're babies. A monitor is the best way of keeping them safe when they go to bed, but which ones are the best? Some features add complication, but you might consider them vital. Do you need a breathing monitor? Is audio only okay, or do you want to see what your little one's doing? A lot of these questions depend on the child. If your child snores during sleep, an audio monitor might be acceptable. If your child moves around a lot, you'll want to see what they're doing. We've taken a look at the best baby monitors on the market right now and categorized them by their qualities. Picking from any of these will give you the peace of mind you all parents crave.

Best Affordable Monitor

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If you want to spend less than $100, get the VTech DM221 Audio Monitor. As the name suggests, it's audio-only, but it comes with some essential features. Its 1,000-foot range is very impressive, and the light-up audio indicators will get your attention if the sounds your little one's making are too quiet.

Best Budget with Video

You might only consider a video monitor but still have a limited budget. If you're in that position, the Vtech VM5254 is the one to get. The 5-inch screen gives a good enough image. The battery life's also pretty good, and the signal's reliable. You can manually adjust the camera, and it comes with a built-in night light.

Best Range with Video

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You might need the range if you're property's large or your garden's long. If you want a video monitor with a great range, get the Eufy's SpaceView. You'll be able to see your little one clearly on the 5-inch 720p screen as its video quality is far superior to its rivals. You can check out your kid through an extra-angle lens, and you can pan and tilt for a better view. If you read Amazon reviews, you might be put off by the battery life and build quality, but don't be. This one's definitely worth a closer look.

Best Wi-Fi Features

The market's full of Wi-Fi baby monitors, but none are as accomplished as the Nanit Pro. The camera can be monitored from your cell phone or tablet. It keeps track of stats like sleep and wake times, and it monitors your child's breathing. This is the real deal. It will even tell you how your child moves around at night.

Best Hybrid

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The Motorola Connect60 comes with a handheld monitor, but you can also check out your child through Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet. This is the best of both worlds. You might need to use your phone for calls or messages during the evening so the handheld unit can keep you in touch with your child. However, your partner could also check out the kid on their cell phone.

Smartest Baby Monitor

The Cubo Ai Smart is a lot more than a baby monitor. The guys who make it call it "Proactive AI for baby sleep." That sounds pretty serious, but the business of keeping your kid safe is serious, right? This system was developed with leading pediatricians and comes with advanced features, including face detection technology. This alerts you if your baby's mouth and nose are covered or if your little one gets stuck when rolling over. Once your little one becomes a toddler, you can use the device as a "toddler cam" to protect them from themselves. You can set it up anywhere, and it will warn you if your toddler's entering an area that's unsafe for them, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

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