Best AeroPress Accessories for a Perfect Coffee

Best AeroPress Accessories for a Perfect Coffee

If you aren't using AeroPress yet to make brew a delightful cup of coffee, you’re missing out on a lot. It's versatile, allowing you to brew your coffee in several ways – and still expect the best result. The appliance is lightweight, compact, and portable, which means you can take it with you anywhere. While its price is a bit higher ($39.95) than it used to be ($25), it's still relatively inexpensive. The AeroPress is good on its own, however, you can upgrade your coffee maker with accessories. There are dozens of AeroPress accessories you’ll want to get your hands on. We’ve handpicked some of the best AeroPress accessories for added functionality and an improved experience.

Do You Need AeroPress Accessories?

AeroPress on its own works perfectly adequately out of the box. It comes with everything you need to start brewing a delicious cup of coffee, including:

  • Stirrer

  • Filter papers

  • Tote bag

  • Filer paper holder

  • Funnel

  • Coffee beans scoop

  • Filter holder

You can make do with these accessories and get along just fine. However, investing in additional AeroPress attachments will not only make your life easier but also ensure you get the most out of your AeroPress. Certain attachments will change your coffee brewing ritual, and you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

Top 7 Best AeroPress Accessories

We’ve done the research for you and recommend these AeroPress accessories.

Able Travel Cap


If you're always on the go, the AeroPress coffee maker is an excellent choice. You can slide a dozen paper filters and a plastic bag of beans inside the plunger to take on your trip. But there’s one problem: the filters and beans tend to fall out.

The solution? The Able Travel Cap. This cap is designed to snugly fit over the open end of the AeroPress plunger, allowing you to use the empty space inside the plunger as a storage compartment.

It also provides a better grip for the AeroPress when you're brewing using the inverted method.

Able DISK Metal Filter

The AeroPress comes with a pack of paper micro-filters, which work extremely well. The only caveat is that they are disposable. Luckily, you can purchase the stainless-steel disk, which is reusable.

Users praise these stainless-steel filters saying that they don't alter the flavor of the coffee as the paper filters do.

2POUR The Dual Press Accessory

The AeroPress isn’t big enough to make enough coffee if you have people over. But with 2Pour, you don’t have to brew coffee for each person. It allows you to brew two delicious cups of coffee simultaneously and effortlessly. 

It's easy to use and doesn't change your coffee-making routine using the AeroPress. However, you may want to double your ground coffee and add a little more water.

Fellow Prismo Attachment for AeroPress


The Fellow Prismo is one of the best AeroPress accessories you can buy. All you have to do is attach it to the AeroPress, place it on top of your cup, and push. You don’t need to use the inverted method with this attachment.

Fellow Prismo lets you make a more intense espresso-like brew. Once screwed to the bottom of the AeroPress, it builds up pressure as you press down, giving you a more intense brew.

The best part is that it uses a reusable filter made of metal. Plus, it comes with a no-drip seal, meaning you can store your coffee in the fridge to make a cold cup and not have to worry about the coffee leaking.

Aesir Paper Filters

You’ve probably noticed some coffee grinds in your coffee when using the regular paper or reusable filters with your AeroPress. The Aesir Paper Filters are designed to address this issue.

These filters give you the cleanest coffee you’ll ever find. They are thicker than regular paper filters and have smaller pores that drastically reduce coffee sediments in your cup.


JavaJug2 is a must-have AeroPress accessory. It allows you to brew, press, and serve coffee and even take it with you wherever you go. It has a capacity of 32 ounces (946ml), which can serve up to four eight-ounce cups of delicious hot or cold coffee.

Its markings come in handy when you want to measure the right amount of water. The AeroPress fits perfectly into the jug, and the built-in latch helps keep the parts intact. The jug comes with a stainless-steel lid and a two-level tab to ensure no drop of coffee is spilled anywhere.

Aerolatter Milk Foamer


If you love cappuccino or latte or want to change your espresso to latte or frappe, this device is a must-have. It offers the perfect milk froth and can work on various types of milk, including soy, rice, coconut, or almond milk.

You can control the froth solution to your desire, and it offers multiple variations. The foamer is portable and is fitted with AA batteries, making it the perfect companion for your AeroPress when you're traveling.