Best Adult Cloth Diapers for Men and Women

Best Adult Cloth Diapers for Men and Women

A common problem among older adults is incontinence, which can include involuntarily eliminating fecal matter from the bowel and/or leaking urine from the bladder. Urinary incontinence affects more women than it does men due to life events like pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Incontinence can cause huge discomfort for the affected people and caregivers, which is where adult cloth diapers come in. They are highly efficient and comfortable, not to mention washable and reusable.

Best Adult Cloth Diapers

Managing incontinence is not easy, and the stigma surrounding it is unwarranted, given that it’s a natural experience. With adult cloth diapers, one doesn't have to worry about soiling themselves. They provide confidence to continue enjoying your life. 

If you're looking for the top adult diapers, here are the six best options, broken down into sections:

Best Adult Cloth Diapers for Absorbency

Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Brief

The Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Brief provides maximum absorbency in premium quality. It’s a high-capacity diaper that works for both urinary and fecal incontinence. It comes in brief style, offering adjustable tabs for a snug fit around the waist to prevent leaks.

The brief has cuffs around the leg openings that channel moisture to the diaper’s absorbent core. It also features breathable side panels to keep the skin dry and fresh, which prevents skin problems.

This incontinence product has a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue to indicate when a change is required, making it ideal for those on bed rest or those being cared for by a caregiver.


  • Ideal for both urinary and fecal incontinence

  • Super absorbent for day and nighttime wear

  • Excellent choice for extended wear time, like during travel


  • Pricy

  • Bulky fit

Best Adult Cloth Diapers for Daytime Activity

The NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-on Underwear is perfect for active adults who want to continue with their activities with confidence. It offers maximum protection for both urinary and fecal incontinence and is appropriate for both men and women.

This reusable adult diaper is available in a wide range of sizes, from small to XXL, and it's uniquely designed to offer a snug fit around the legs to prevent leaking. It’s highly absorbent offering up to eight hours of maximum absorbency.

You may want to order a bigger size since they run smaller than other brands.


  • Super absorbent for up to eight hours

  • Latex-free

  • Wetness indicator


  • Pricey

  • Bulkier fit

Best for Adult Cloth Diapers Nighttime Use

Ibex Ultra Fitted Briefs

The Ibex Ultra Fitted Briefs have a soft quilted interior with adjustable snap openings on both sides of the leg and waist openings to offer a snug fit and prevent leakage. It's available in six different sizes – from a 20- to 68-inch waist.

This incontinence product is designed for overnight needs, meaning it can hold a larger capacity. You can add boosted pads for extra absorption and peace of mind.


  • Machine washable

  • Locks odor away

  • Can hold a large amount of fluid


  • Bulkier for daytime use

Best Diapers for Postpartum and Postmenopausal Incontinence

Adult cloth diapers can come in handy for women suffering from a leaky bladder due to hormonal changes that occur during the menopausal transition phase or those who have given birth.

Always Discreet Underwear is highly absorbent to handle daytime and nighttime moderate incontinence while masking the odor. They are designed to offer underwear-like comfort and are available in various sizes from small to XXL.


  • Low leakage rate

  • Offers maximum absorbency

  • Users say it's super comfy


  • Some concerns that the perfume used to mask odor is too strong

Best Adult Diaper for Men

Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men

Depend is a well-established brand that makes adult diapers. The Real Fit Incontinence Underwear offers great absorbency and comfort while giving the wearers the flexibility of mobility to suit their busy lifestyle.

This pull-up style underwear is made of a cotton-like fabric that’s soft to the skin and breathable, but also durable. The stretch waistband ensures a secure fit to keep leaks in check.


  • Affordable

  • Wearable with jeans or slacks

  • Comfortable


  • Limited size choices

  • Maximum weight of 260 pounds

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Here are some common terms that you may come across when shopping for adult cloth diapers:

  • A pull-on is an incontinence product that pulls on and off like a regular undergarment.

  • A brief is a diaper with tabs on either side, like a big baby disposable diaper.

  • A boosted pad is an additional pad in the adult cloth diaper for extra absorbency.

Some of the things to look for when buying an adult reusable diaper include:

  • Right size. When looking for the right adult diaper, it's important to choose the right size. If it's too small, it can be uncomfortable or overflow with ease. If it's too large, it can leak out the sides.
  • Breathable fabric. It's crucial to choose an adult diaper that wicks moisture away from the skin. Repeated exposure to moisture like urine and fecal matter can lead to diaper rash and infection.
  • Absorption rate. Equally important is the absorption level of the adult diaper. Your choice will be determined by the level of leakage. Maximum (overnight) diapers offer the highest absorption rate and are often used overnight due to their effectiveness.
  • Odor reduction. Some adult diapers come with built-in odor elimination technology to neutralize the pH of urine and prevent a strong scent.
  • Day and night time use. Some diapers are specifically designed for daytime use, while others are for nighttime. The difference is how absorbent they are, with overnight diapers being more absorbent. However, they might be bulkier for use during the day.

Our Notes

  • Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Brief – a great option for extended use, like when traveling.

  • NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-on Underwear – can be used by both men and women, during daytime or overnight.

  • Ibex Ultra Fitted Briefs – are an excellent choice for overnight use since they can hold a large capacity of fluids.

  • Always Discreet Underwear – highly absorbent with a low rate of leakage. They feature odor masking technology to reduce strong scents.

  • Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men – they offer maximum absorbency and comfort and can be worn with jeans or slacks.

What They Say on Other Sites?

These work the best

These fit much better than many briefs, and are high capacity. It is possible that making separate L and XL sizes would make for a slightly better fit because the leg openings would be a little smaller. Other than that, they have proven themselves for my patient's use.” (Joan C. Barker reviewing Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear on Amazon) 

Great fit long lasting

I previously used another brand and they came apart during the day. I tried ALWAYS and was very satisfied with the fit and the durability. I will continue to use ALWAYS.” 

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