Bad Bunny Total Net Worth Today

Bad Bunny Total Net Worth Today

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper, who shot to fame a few years after launching his singing career. He’s a singer, rapper, and songwriter and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of Latin trap music. Apart from Latin trap and reggaeton, Benito integrates rock, soul, and bachata into his music, making a lot of people ask what's Bad Bunny's net worth, due to his great success. He goes all out when it comes to dressing choices and is recognized for his slurred, deep voice.

Bad Bunny’s Early Life

Benito’s summary bio:

  • Birth Name: Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio

  • Birthplace: Almirante Sur barrio, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

  • Birthdate: March 10, 1994

  • Stage Name: Bad Bunny

  • Parents: Benito Martinez and Lysaurie Ocasio

  • Height: 5’ 11” (1.8m)

  • Net Worth: $18-$20 million

  • YouTube Subscribers: 40M

  • TikTok Subscribers: 19.5M

His music career was influenced by his mother, who played salsa, merengue, and ballads when he was growing up. Daddy Yankee is one of his biggest inspirations. 

Bad Bunny was raised alongside two younger brothers, and he values family more than anything, stating that he preferred to spend time with his family rather than going out with his friends.

He grew up in a strict catholic household and, by age 13, was singing in the choir. Although he abandoned singing in the choir, Bad Bunny began performing for his peers while attending middle school.

During his high school years, he wrote freestyle raps and performed in front of his friends as a joke and just for fun. When he was a teenager, he engaged in several sports like skateboarding and professional wrestling.

In fact, his love for wrestling saw him make his first appearance in WWE during their annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) on January 31, where he performed his song “Booker T” live, with the former wrestler of the same name.

He and Priest got involved in a match with The Miz and tag-team partner John Morrison. He later made a surprise return to WWE in January 2022 at the Royal Rumble, entering the match at number 27.

His interest in music kept growing, and he decided to pursue a career in music after graduating. He later joined the University of Puerto Rico where he studied media and audiovisual communication.


Bad Bunny Net Worth

As of 2022, Bad Bunny’s net worth is around $18-$20 million. His estimated annual salary is $4M+, and he lives in a lavish mansion in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which is estimated to be worth $3 million.

That’s not all. Bad Bunny has a luxurious collection of cars:

  • BMW M4 worth around $86,000

  • Mercedes G-Wagon worth around $130,000

  • Rolls Royce Dawn worth around $368,000

  • Bugatti Chiron worth around $3 million

His earnings also come from his concerts, which are estimated to cost between $250-$1215, depending on seats. Bad Bunny’s massive social media following also adds to his revenue, with current subscribers on YouTube hitting the 40M mark. Considering that he gets paid between $3-$7 per thousand views on YouTube alone, his net worth is considerably higher.

Bad Bunny also has a clothing line called La Banda del Patio, which contributes to his net worth. 

In July 2020, he became only the second man to appear solo on the cover of Playboy magazine, after Hugh Hefner (the founder), who appeared solo on a commemorative issue in 2017 following his death.


Bad Bunny’s Career Highlights

Benito’s lifestyle started from humble beginnings. In 2016, while studying at the university, he was a bagger at a supermarket. It was also the same year that he released a song he had created “Diles” on SoundCloud. The song was well received and attracted the attention of many, including DJ Lucian, who signed him up for a record label known as ‘Hear this Music’.

He then collaborated with the Mambo Kingz, who were taken aback by his unique voice and style of dress. After that, his career trajectory took an upward turn, and he’s had a string of top 10 hits on the Latin charts.

He soon gained a massive following and his songs received millions of views on YouTube, making him one of the hottest artists in the Latin American trap scene, with songs like “Krippy Kush”, “Soy Peor”, and “Ahora Me Llama”.

By 2017, he was already signing more contracts and started making TV appearances. He also collaborated with big Latin names like Prince Royce, J Balvin, and Ozuna. In 2018, he went international when he joined Cardi B in “I Like it”. Bad Bunny rapped in English, Spanglish, and Spanish, and the song became his first chart-topping single.

This led to another collaboration with Drake in the song “Mia,” which reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. He also released “Te Guste” with J Lo.

On Christmas Eve 2018, he released his first album, X 100pre, soon after leaving ‘Hear This Music’ and joining Rimas Entertainment. Due to the positive reviews of his debut album, he followed it up with another one titled “Oasis” in June 2019, which was a collaboration with J Balvin.

By 2020, Bad Bunny was the most trending and famous artist worldwide and even performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, which is one of the biggest platforms for artists.

In the same year, he released his second studio album YHLQMDLG (Yo Hago lo que me da la gana), and a third one “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo”, which made history for being one of the best albums to top the US Billboard 200.