Are Zero Gravity Chairs Worth It?

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Worth It?

In this fast-paced and chaotic world that we live in, all one wants to do at the end of the day is to relax and unwind. Most people go for massages and meditation as relaxation solutions. While others invest in one piece of furniture that offers the ultimate relaxation from the comfort of your home: Zero Gravity chairs. But is it a worthy investment? Read on to find out.

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What Are Zero Gravity Chairs?

When you hear the term zero gravity, we bet the first thing that comes to your mind is space, right? Well, you’re not far off. NASA designed a unique piece of furniture to help minimize the tension placed on astronauts during a space launch. By assuming a reclined position, the pressure imposed on the human body was reduced significantly. Thanks to this technology, manufacturers (back on earth) used the same technology to create Zero Gravity chairs so that we, "earthlings", could share the same benefits and comfort that astronauts did. Zero gravity chairs are designed to evenly distribute your body weight to ensure maximum comfort and support. They continue to gain popularity due to the many benefits they provide.

The Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity recliners offer the best relaxing solution for stress-prone business people and executives with busy schedules. It is also ideal in the workplace to help your employees relax and enjoy a few moments of peace. A fact that can boost their productivity. This unrivaled relaxation is what most people lack in their lives. And as you are aware, putting a lot of pressure on your body for hours on end can leave you feeling overwhelmed and extremely exhausted. You can also benefit from using zero gravity chairs at home as you relax watching the TV or reading your favorite book. Here are the key benefits of using zero gravity chairs.

Promotes Better Circulation

If you struggle with swelling in your legs due to edema or varicose veins, zero gravity recliners promote better circulation that helps to reduce the swelling. When you sit on a zero-gravity recliner, your thighs and torso open at an angle that helps your heart to work better. You must be wondering how that works? Well, a zero gravity chair is designed to elevate your legs to a position termed as Trendelenburg. This position works on small valves in your veins that support the flow of blood back to the heart. The position allows the blood to return more smoothly.

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Improves Lung Function

Your lung depends on several surrounding structures, like the diaphragm, to function. The diaphragm is a large muscle that works hard to ensure that your chest expands, filling your lungs with air. With zero gravity recliners, the Trendelenburg position allows your diaphragm to attain maximum expansion, improving lung function. As a result, your lungs can expand to a fuller position. This allows more oxygen to reach your lungs for deeper and relaxing breathes. Over time, your lungs become capable of expanding more, leading to deeper breathing, which sends more oxygen throughout your body.

Reduces Pressure on Your Spine

Your spine lies in a natural S-shaped curve. But due to our lifestyle, we might put unnecessary pressure on it, which might affect us. With a zero gravity recliner, you can achieve a neutral position, thereby reducing strain on the vertebrae.

Less Stress on Your Bones and Muscles

As you age, your body experiences some changes like loss of muscle mass and a reduction in bone density. Luckily, the body rebuilds the bones by reabsorbing two essential minerals; phosphate and calcium, from them. Unfortunately, the more you age, the less effective the process becomes. Zero gravity places less stress on your muscles and bones, allowing your muscles to enter a deep state of relaxation. This reduces tension in your muscles, improving how the muscles and bones support each other. Combined with massage, your muscles have a better chance of healing at the end of an exhausting day.

Things to Consider When Buying a Zero Gravity Chair

Before you order a zero gravity recliner, decide on the features and specs you need first. Do you need the massage function? If so, check if the chair comes with several massage programs and adjustable controls that you can customize to fit your preferences. More importantly, you may want to consider your budget. Of course, the price is driven by the features and quality of the chair. We recommend going for something more durable as this is a one-time investment.

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