Are Apple AirPods Worth the Money?

Are Apple AirPods Worth the Money?
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Apple updated the AirPods in March 2019, adding capabilities for smoother, instant connection, and lower latency. With the new H1 chip, Apple set a new standard for its true wireless technology, replacing the W1 wireless chip in the original AirPods. What this means, practically, for users, is a set of headphones that work much more seamlessly upon setup. The new AirPods feature longer battery performance and improved sound capabilities, among other tweaks.

Design and Hands-Free Use

The 2019 AirPods look a lot like their predecessors, the original AirPods. They have two small earpieces that fit snugly one in each ear. The pods are made of white plastic, but inside, they hide immense technological complexity, including tiny parts at the microscopic level. At the base of each AirPod is a little seal of shiny metal. With a weight of just 0.14 oz per AirPod, these are lightweight headphones. Thanks to their seamless integration with Siri, you don’t need to tap them or do anything else to control music. Just say “Hey Siri” for access to voice control features. You will then be able to control music playback and perform other tasks.

Sound Quality

The AirPods might be small, but they pack a big punch when it comes to sound. True to their engineering, the audio profile of these AirPods shows a balanced profile. The bass is impressive, clear, and resonant. Not only that, but the mid-level notes and highs cut through, showing the kind of work that went into making the AirPods a sound masterpiece. The merits of the H1 chip begin to shine through, whether you are playing a grungy rock track, some light pop, or a groovy hip-hop tune.

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The AirPods are priced at $159, which means there has been no price rise from the older version. Given the improvements in the technology and performance of the AirPods, they’ve become a better deal than before. Apple claims 30 percent lower latency for the AirPods now when gaming, which is a gigantic improvement. You might want to get the new wireless charging case that Apple has now made available. It works with the Qi wireless charging standard. It’s cheaper to get it with the AirPods, for a total price of $199, rather than on its own, in which case, it costs $79.

How the AirPods Perform Against the Competition

Apple’s success with the previous generation AirPods has caught the attention of rivals. Now, other true wireless earbuds like the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless vie for attention. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy Buds are a bit cheaper at $129, the AirPods, with their smaller earpieces, will fit more comfortably in more ears. Sennheiser’s offering is notable for its simple, clean design. They are classy headphones, but cost quite a bit more, at $299, than the world-class precision engineering the AirPods offer. The new AirPods continue to set the pace for a true wireless sound experience.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

These headphones work best with the Apple ecosystem, giving you access to Siri and Apple Music, among other services. If you have an iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch devices, these will be easy to set up. You can also use them with Android and other device systems over Bluetooth.

Our Notes

  • Battery Life: The AirPods hold battery life for five hours of listening time and three hours of talk time on a single charge.
  • Wireless Charging: The case provides 24 hours of listening time worth of charge, delivered wirelessly.
  • Bluetooth Range: Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity supports a connection range of 30 feet.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Excellent, pretty useful... easy to use and reliable. At first I had some doubts about it being reliable to my Mac as some Bluetooth speaker sometimes cut off, but these work great and are really comfortable to my ears. Aesthetically, they look great to me.” (Ivan Moronta on Amazon)

“I had the AirPods for only a few days.. every time I opened the charging case (after couple hours - enough time for charging), the left earplug was always at very low battery (0-5%), but the right one is fully charged. So I returned it.” (Chih Y. on Amazon)

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