Amazing Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Amazing Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Summer is not what it used to be a decade ago. Global warming has taken over and temperatures are hitting record highs. With such extreme temperatures, you can have a hard time staying indoors as well as going outdoors. But, that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your summer. Here are tips to help you beat the summer heat and stay cool.

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Drink Lots of Water

It goes without saying that your body needs hydrating all year round, but especially in hot weather since you're sweating more. Drinking plenty of water will refill your body coolant, hence keeping you cool. But then, if you have to go to work, an ordinary water bottle will warm the water inside. To prevent this, get the Hydro Flask Water Bottle . It keeps the water cold all day long. On the same note, reduce the intake of beverages containing alcohol, caffeine, or a lot of sugar since they are dehydrating.

Add Flavor to Your Drinking Water

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can infuse some fresh fruits or herbs into the water and enjoy the flavor. Some nice fruits and herbs to try include citrus, mint, cucumber, or any of your favorite fruits. Alternatively, eat lots of water-rich fruits like watermelons, apples, plums, prunes, berries, and pears, and veggies like broccoli and asparagus.

Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs generate a lot of heat that you don’t want in addition to the summer heat. The Consumer Energy Center reports that more than 90 percent of the energy produced by incandescent bulbs is heat, not light. Try replacing them with fluorescent lights  or LED bulbs which produce around 70 percent less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Go for Swimming

Summer is well spent outdoors and nothing's great at cooling yourself off than a swimming pool. If you have a home pool, spending a few minutes in the water will give you that refreshing cool feeling. Alternatively, you can take cold baths regularly to keep the body temperature down.

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Wear Breathable Clothing

Cotton clothing is the best material for warm weather conditions. Not only is material extremely light, but also absorbent. Likewise, avoid darker colors as they tend to lock in the heat. Go for lighter, brighter colors instead to reflect the heat.

Use Portable Fans

During summer, Air Conditioners can run all day and night, leading to high energy bills. To counter this, you can use portable misting fans that use rechargeable batteries or micro USB cable. These easy to control fans can be used anywhere and will help keep you cool and fresh all day long. If you're looking for something to use on the go, get a necklace fan ( that you simply hang around your neck and use it whenever you're exposed to the summer heat. Most of these portable fans come with rechargeable batteries or you can connect them to a power source like your laptop or even your phone via a USB cable.

Keep the Sun Out

When it's peak hours or when the sun is streaming in the most, blocking the sun will effectively reduce the amount of heat inside the house. To achieve this, put up sun blockers like shutters or roller shades. Alternatively, try this desert trick. Hang a damp cloth in an open window and the hot incoming breezes will be cooled by the evaporating water from the cloth.

Is Your AC Up to the Task?

How often do you show your AC some TLC? Well, don’t wait until it starts acting up to spring to action. You particularly don’t want to have a malfunctioning AC in summer. So, be sure to check it regularly and clean or replace the filters at least once a month during summer. If you're using the central AC, check the ducts for leaks as this is likely to reduce efficiency by up to 15 percent.

Use the Dishwasher Less

If you must use the dishwasher, do it in the evening when the air is cooler. Otherwise, go the old-fashioned way and wash your dishes by hand and dry them.

Eat Light

Eating fatty or protein-rich foods will increase your metabolic rate, hence warming the body even more. Instead, reach out for salads, which are easier to digest. What’s more, fruits and vegetables are watery and will help keep you hydrated and cool. Another great option is to spice up your foods. Eating ‘hot stuff’ like chilies make you perspire more. In turn, you get a temporary relief when the sweat evaporates. The same can be experienced when you drink hot tea. Some people turn to ice-cold drinks when they can't stand the heat. However, this will only make things worse since your body will try to fight off the extreme cold by producing more heat. Hot tea, on the other hand, results in lower body temperatures as the sweat evaporates.

Apply Ice on Your Cooling Points

The neck and wrists are the cooling points on our bodies because the blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin. When you place an ice pack on these cooling points, it cools the blood which in turn cools your entire body. It's also a great idea to put a spray bottle in the refrigerator and keep it by the bedside for those nights when the heat is too much that you can't sleep comfortably. The Empty Amber Glass with Refillable Container for Essential Oils  is particularly a great choice since you can infuse you favorite cooling oils like citrus or mint to help keep the body cool by spraying yourself with the solution.

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