All you Have to know Before Buying Discounted Furniture

All you Have to know Before Buying Discounted Furniture

When it comes to home décor, furniture makes the centerpiece of any room. They are what visitors see the first thing they enter the room. More importantly, they are what makes your home feel like ‘sweet home’. The thing is, it's not cheap, or easy, to furnish your home to your liking. That’s why most people consider purchasing discounted furniture. To be honest, we all want everything we own to be worth the investment. So, you can imagine the glorious feeling of finding a unique piece of furniture at a discount. With that in mind, here are some points to consider before buying discounted furniture.

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Shop at the Right Time

Usually, the furniture industry introduces new products to the market in April and October. This means that by January and July, retailers need to clear out the old stock to pave way for new stock. Office furniture sales usually happen in May and August. Other types of furniture like dining room sets go on sale before the end-of-year holiday season, recliners before Mother’s and Father’s Day, and mattresses in May. Most large furniture and appliances stores have great deals all year round, all you have to do is to be on the lookout or ask what’s on offer.

Look Out for Scratch-and-Dent Returned Items

It's common for new appliances with minor damage to be returned to the retailers by unsatisfied customers. Some major chain stores offer these items at heavily discounted prices. When searching for discounted furniture, look for “discount appliances” or “high-end discount appliances” for luxury items. It's, therefore, wise to check the extent of the damage to make sure that you don’t get a bad deal. Some might have negligible errors that you can modify at home. Some outlets offer such items with factory warranties.

Check Drawers and Cabinets

Before settling for a piece of furniture, be sure to check that the drawers and cabinets pull all the way out, latch properly, and shut evenly. Confirm that doors open, and remain open (instead of snapping closed when trying to get something from the cabinet). Additionally, check that the knobs and handles are sturdy, not wobbly.

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Inspect the Legs

You want a sofa or chair with strong, heavy, and well jointed wooden legs that can take any weight. Preferably, go for wood jointed at ends and corners rather than glued or nailed. Plastic, metal, or rubber may not hold up as well and are likely to tear up your floor or leave ugly scratches. The furniture might be discounted for a reason, and you don’t want that reason to be a weak or poorly joined frame that won't last a week in your home or office.

Check the Cushions

Make sure the cushions are firm. You want cushions that can hold up better over time. Fully covered cushions with removable cover matching on both sides might cost more but are easy to maintain and wear evenly since you can flip them over every few months.

Consider Your Lifestyle

It's wise to buy furniture that suits your current lifestyle. For example, if you have kids or pets, the color and fabric you choose will determine how long the sofa or chair is going to last. You can imagine how messy a white suede couch can get in a house with kids or pets. Choose colors and fabrics that will outlast daily use. For instance, opt for dark colors and stain-resistant tough fabrics like tweed or linen.

Know the Types of Wood

Generally, wood furniture can be categorized into three: solid wood, particleboard or composite wood, and veneers. Solid wood is the most expensive, and it looks great. However, it scratches easily and is susceptible to water rings. Veneers sport an inexpensive wood base covered by multiple thin layers of better-quality wood pieces. They are not as expensive as solid wood pieces. Particleboard and composite wood are made from resin, wood pulp, and plastics, basically the scraps from the furniture world. Furniture made from these materials is the cheapest and can look amazing and decent, but won't hold up for long.

Consider Shopping at Ikea

Ikea sells types of furniture that maximize your space. Their creative pieces are offered at great prices, and most of them are contemporary style. Look for something that matches your interior design or theme of your home. Most of these items are inexpensive, but you have to be good with your hands since they require self-assembly.


When buying discounted furniture, it's highly likely to be a clearance sale. Remember, the items got there because they didn't sell or might have been returned. So, you may sport some scratches, dents, stains, or other signs of wear. Be sure to closely examine any piece of furniture before paying for it.

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