7 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Laptop

7 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Laptop

Computer technology doesn’t move on that quickly. For that reason, we can keep our laptops a lot longer than we did a decade ago. It’s just one of the reasons a refurbished laptop should be considered when you need a new PC. These machines have either been leased by consumers or returned to the manufacturer for a refund. They are tested and repaired and put back up for sale.


Reliability is one of the main reasons to buy a refurbished laptop. The latest machines come with a few new technologies that haven’t been tested yet. They don’t make a significant difference to how a computer is used, but there’s the potential for defects and bugs. With a refurbished machine, these issues have been tested in the real world and fixed.


Value for Money

According to Digital Trends, consumers paid an average of $700 for laptops in 2019. If you’d like to spend less than that, but you want a high-spec laptop, a refurbished machine is the best way. You might find a PC from an unknown brand. That might be too much of a risk. A refurb from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple has got to be a better bet than a cheap machine.


Climate change isn’t something most people consider when purchasing a laptop, but buying a refurbished machine is obviously better for the environment. The components within a laptop typically contain chromium, lead, and mercury. If a returned machine were scrapped rather than refurbished, those toxins would need to be recycled. Scrapping a device is a lot better than throwing it in a landfill, but a laptop’s much more sustainable if it’s refurbished.

Limit the Loss

A refurbished machine is best if you’re buying for a child. You have to expect a higher level of wear and tear on it than you’ll typically find with an adult’s device. An adult probably won’t allow the battery to drain to zero too often, as that causes permanent damage to the cell. Children won’t be aware of something like that. They might also allow the machine to overheat by leaving it on a hot windowsill. Again, that’s probably not something an adult would do. Aside from that, you’ve also got more obvious damage such as dropping the machine or spilling water on it. A refurb’s cost makes it an attractive option for kids.

Software Licenses

If you’re thinking of upgrading to the latest Windows package, you’ll need to invest a few hundred dollars. You might be better off buying a refurb which comes loaded with the latest from Microsoft. New software doesn’t bring an old machine to life, but there are limitations to consider. You might find that the new software eats into the device’s memory. That could make it a lot slower than before.


No Installation

Are you buying in bulk for employees? If you purchase a batch of refurbished machines, you won’t need to install and configure them. If you have remote workers, sending them a refurbished machine means they can plug it in and get to work almost immediately. They won’t need any IT skills to get a refurbished machine up and working.


There might be some worry about buying a “used” laptop. This isn’t like buying a car. We’re talking about a device that’s gone back to the manufacturer for reconditioning. That’s like buying a used Ford that was sent back to Detroit before it ended up in your possession. You wouldn’t consider that a used vehicle, would you? The work that goes into refurbishing a device means the manufacturers are confident enough to offer warranties in most cases.

Where to Buy?

You don’t need to shop anywhere different to buy a refurbished machine. For example, you’ll find them on Amazon along with the new machines. They call it Amazon Renewed. You’ll also find them at Best Buy and Walmart, and other major retailers. If you want a bargain, try the manufacturer. Dell has a section called refurbished and overstocked laptops that’s typically got great deals. Their refurbished machines generally are half the price they were when new.