2019 Chevrolet Colorado, Trims, Price, and Review

2019 Chevrolet Colorado, Trims, Price, and Review
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Who Is It Made for 

The Colorado is built with a few different driver types in mind. First, its gear storage capabilities make it a fit for drivers who want all the utility of a reliable pickup truck.

In this respect, its 74-inch bed provides generous storage, up to 49.9 cubic ft. The 2019 Colorado is ready-made for heavy loads, with 1,574 maximum payload and 7,700 lbs maximum trailering.

Besides utility, the Colorado also targets individuals who care about rugged individuality. Its offroad capabilities are impressive, aided by off-road mode and Multimatic shock absorbers.

Colorado Trims: LT, Z71, ZR2 and More

The multiplicity of Colorado trims, with five in total, enables drivers to select the best Chevrolet Colorado for their unique needs. Here’s what you get with each one:

  • Base - comes in a 2-door configuration with standard 2WD

  • WT - 4-door configuration with Extended Cab
  • LT - 4-door configuration with additional extras such as remote keyless entry and 17 inch aluminum wheels
  • Z71 - off-road focused extras, including Z71 Offroad Suspension, all-terrain tires, and automatic locking rear differential
  • ZR2 - increased ground clearance and the most offroad features, including Multimatic Damping System
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With so many different trims to choose from, there’s also substantial variability in the price you pay for a new 2019 Chevrolet Colorado. This might look like a disadvantage, but consider that the base trim is available for the barebones price of $21,300. The Colorado is attractive in this regard.

The upgraded trims will cost more, with the souped-up ZR2 starting at around $41,000-$42,000. At this higher end of the scale, you get a high powered 3.6L V6 engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, and more.


All in all, the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado stands out for its rugged utility and off-road capabilities. It will easily serve for your daily commute with its standout fuel efficiency of 22mpg city/30mpg highway. In addition, you will be thankful for its impressive towing capacity. If you get the ZR2 or the Z71, you can call any place in the wild your home.

The Colorado also stands up well to the competition. It’s around $4,000-$5,000 cheaper than the Toyota Tacoma, and about $900-$1000 cheaper than the GMC Canyon.

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To Consider Before Your Purchase

The base trim of the Colorado does not come equipped with a touchscreen. Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and other cutting edge in-car entertainment is available on the LT trim and higher.

Our Notes

  • Seating: The base trim seats two, while upgraded trims can fit five people.
  • Warranty: Powertrain warranty covers five years or 60,000 miles, while limited warranty covers 3 years or 36,000 miles.
  • Driver assistance: Lane departure warnings and forward collision warnings available on some trims.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“I just bought this ZR2 and I am tickled to death with it, Off road it has a fantastic smooth ride as well as going down the hiway, it could have better gas mileage but even that isn't to bad. It has the 3.6L V6 and that gives this truck emmense power.” (Kerry Fletcher on Edmunds)

“Stay away from the V-6 with the 8 speed transmission there are problems with the torque converter shuddering!!! GM to date has no known repair for this issue.” (Teal on Edmunds)

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