Who Has the Best Medical Insurance in the US?

Who Has the Best Medical Insurance in the US?

From the solid across-the-board Kaiser Permanente to Blue Cross Blue Shield with its wide network, find out the best health insurance providers you can trust.

With our health insurance system often the subject of political debate, it has hardly ever been a more sensitive issue. What’s clear is that getting a good health insurance plan is essential for so many reasons. First, there’s the rising cost of healthcare. Even simple outpatient procedures at public hospitals can prove costly. This is why so many Americans rely on an insurance provider in order to cover some of those often untimely costs. Secondly, a good health insurance plan can be indispensable for the peace of mind, especially if you are a family with young kids. Below, we’ve selected the best insurance companies across the nation, along with some of their health insurance plans.

Kaiser Permanente

As a not-for-profit organization with a history grounded in workers’ health, Kaiser Permanente is a leader in the healthcare industry. The company evolved out of 1930s healthcare programs for steel mill workers. Kaiser Permanente now boasts a network of over 17,000 doctors and medical practitioners across the country. A variety of plan types are available, including individual, family, and employee health insurance plans. Kaiser Permanente is well-represented on both the East Coast and the West Coast. It also has a presence in Georgia and Hawaii.


Anthem is a noted provider of health insurance plans, with a strong customer satisfaction reputation. The company offers plans ranging from employer group plans to Medicare plans and individual health plans. Anthem has a strong presence in California, where it is the largest insurance provider. Its network, however, is nationwide, and it covers residents of numerous states, including New York, Nevada, Kentucky, and Colorado. This nationwide coverage coupled with Anthem’s strong customer support means a better experience for plan subscribers.


Health Net

Health Net stands out for its extensive network coverage, which includes a footprint in just about every state. This health insurance provider offers a full spectrum of health insurance options, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare. The company has a number of subsidiaries which offer different health insurance services from state to state. If you have not been experiencing any medical troubles and want insurance for emergencies, the company’s high-deductible options may be a fit. This allows you to pay low premiums, but you will need to pay off a high deductible before certain benefits kick in.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Association

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is one of the nation’s largest health insurance organizations. With almost 100 million Americans getting their health insurance through a Blue Cross Blue Shield member, this is a proven option. The Association offers a complete range of insurance plans for Americans. This includes individual plans, family, and employer group insurance. The biggest advantage to buying your insurance from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is the ability to get treatment wherever you go. The Association has doctors and members in every state. As a result, your treatment costs will also be lower since you typically won’t need out-of-network treatment.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

A key factor is to consider your location and the size of the health insurance provider’s network in your area. Costs tend to be lower when you get treated at in-network health centers or doctors, rather than out-of-network healthcare providers. This could decrease your bills in the long run.

Our Notes

  • Kaiser Permanente: Health savings plans (HSPs) are also available, which may lower your monthly premiums
  • Anthem: Anthem is a member of the nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • Health Net: Low-cost health plans, including Medi-Cal of California, are available
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance: Both HMO and PPO plans are offered, the former offering cost savings while the latter has wider network coverage

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“We have Anthem through my job, and we've had no issues in the six years we've had. Great customer service, and my questions are promptly answered. I've yet to find a place that doesn't accept them in Virginia, so we rarely have to worry about seeing a doctor out of network.” (Sam C. on Influenster)

“As I sit here in an emergency room for the second time in a week, I am appalled at the inability to obtain a simple MRI. I have damage to my spinal column due to degenerative disc disease, and have been in incredible pain for the past few weeks.” (Kitty P. on Influenster)

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