What's the Difference Between Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

What's the Difference Between Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday immediately after Thanksgiving, which is equivalent to E-commerce stores. Every sale and purchase on this day is purely done online and as of last year, Cyber Monday had more Editor's Choice picks compared to Black Friday. On the other hand, Black Friday is typically the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving when retailers kick off the holiday shopping season. The battle between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has always been there with the latter being a clear winner until 2016. Since then the two have always been at par with Cyber Monday being branded as the best in 2018. That’s not all there is to the two biggest shopping events of the year. So, what's the difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

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One is online the other one is both in-store and online

The major difference between these two is that Cyber Monday is purely dedicated to serving people online while Black Friday can be found online and in physical stores. Black Friday began as an in-store sales and with time shoppers became frustrated with it because of the concept of low stock items that sell out in seconds. Also, there were cases of doorbusters who came knocking down the doors of local Best Buy. Retailers listened, and know the doorbusters have reduced with the introduction of online Black Friday shopping.

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Cyber Monday has the most online sales

Cyber Monday broke the record last year as the biggest online shopping day of the year making $6.59 billion in online sales compared to $5.03 billion for Black Friday. That was a 16% rise from Cyber Monday 2016. What's more, mobile shopping is what pushed the sales over the brink reaching $2 billion for the first time.

Benefits to shoppers

We all love a bargain and getting to the shop that has advertised your kind of goods on Black Friday is always exciting. Shoppers are aware of the upcoming Black Friday event because of the many Black Friday ads released in advance, sometimes as early as the beginning of October. Alternatively, if you're not one to go out and shop, Cyber Monday allows shoppers to shop at the comfort of their seats. However, there are fewer Cyber Monday ads, possibly because there are only a few days between Black Friday and the Monday after. Due to this, shoppers tend to have less time preparing for Cyber Monday as opposed to Black Friday.

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What gets sold more

As we all know, electronics are the major items sold on Black Friday while Cyber Monday frequently shines in soft goods. As a result, many fashionistas love Cyber Monday. Last year, clothing and accessories deals were more from retailers on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Have a list. You need to make a list of the in-stores and online stores you want to visit, as well as the products you want to buy from them. Set calendar reminders and bookmark sites in advance for time-sensitive deals on limited products. Double-check shipping fee. This applies mostly on Cyber Monday because many online stores offer free shipping on this day, but not all of them do. Be sure they will indeed deliver for free especially for heavy items like electronics and furniture.

Our Notes

One is online the other one is both in-store and online: Cyber Monday is purely an online shopping site while Black Friday was traditionally an in-store shopping holiday which is now trying to incorporate online sales too. Cyber Monday has most online sales: It was recorded that last year Cyber Monday broke the record as the biggest online selling period making $ 6.59 billion. Benefits to shoppers: Here, shoppers will benefit from both events because they have an opportunity to choose when to shop. However, you will have more time to prepare for Black Friday as opposed to Cyber Monday due to the many ads made before Black Friday. What gets sold more: Cyber Monday is time to shop for soft goods but you can get deals on other items as well while Black Friday deals with items like electronics and many more.

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