What You Need to Know Before You Try Online Dating

What You Need to Know Before You Try Online Dating

Only a few years back, online dating was stigmatized as a platform for desperate people. But guess what? It’s now more popular and statistics show that an increasing percentage of people have successfully met online and even ended up marrying. Let’s face the facts. Dating online has its ups and downs and while your friends might be lucky, you shouldn’t jump on the trend with a blind eye. If you're trying your luck finding the love of your life online, here are a few things you need to know before you venture into online dating.

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Online Dating is Diverse

While it’s true that with normal dating you can meet many different people, it's not as diverse and dynamic as online dating. Here, you can meet more types of people from all over who could potentially be your soulmate. The biggest advantage of dating online is that you can find like-minded people, plus sites that cater to different individual preferences, such as religious groups, lesbians, or gays.

It’s Not a Smooth Ride

There’s a lot of time investment in online dating. You see, reading your potential date’s online profile isn’t enough. To truly understand that person and learn more about their characters, you have to meet in person. It’s not exactly easy to get lucky the first time around and you might find yourself spending so much time going out with different people.

Check Your Potential Date Out

Not everyone can be trusted and there have been several horror stories about online dating gone wrong. So, it's in your best interest to do your own little research about the person you're attracted to before you decide to meet. You don’t have to do be too detailed in your detective work, just dig for the truth to ensure what they said on their profile checks out. If it doesn’t, then you have your answer earlier on and you don’t have to waste any more time with a dishonest person.

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It's Not All a Bed of Roses

You’ll find all sorts of people online. Some have very unusual and specific standards. For instance, someone may tell you that you might be a shade of blond too dark or dismiss you because you're not a gamer or you don't support a particular football club. Others do not want a relationship and are just out for casual sex. That said, don't put too many expectations on people you meet online. Reading someone’s profile is one thing, but meeting that person face to face is another. So, be sure to set your own standards by letting them know what you want before you go any further. This way, you can filter out those whose intentions do not align with yours. And one more thing, be ready to be ghosted, ignored and harassed. Don’t let it get to you. You’ll have to develop a thick skin and never allow such things to knock you down.

Don’t Share Too Much Information Upfront

Like we mentioned earlier, not everyone on online dating sites has good intentions. So, you don’t want to divulge too much personal information before you really get to know your potential date. Avoid giving up places you visit often, your residence, your family’s location, and so on. Leave such sensitive details for when you're more comfortable with your date.

Choose the Right Site

By now, you must have stumbled on multiple dating sites, all with different approaches and requirements. Before you even try online dating, you should be aware of what it is that you really want. This way, you’ll be better placed to choose the right dating site. For instance, platforms like EliteSingles, Match, and eHarmony are for serious relationships while others like OkCupid allow you to find serious relationships as well as casual dates.

Online Dating is Nest for Scammers and Harassers

Look out for obvious scammers when trying out online dating. While this might not be as obvious (since they obviously don’t want to be detected), watch out for some telltale signs. For instance, if your date wants to move things along quickly, that’s reason to be cautious. Likewise, check out the photos on your potential date’s profile. If they look old or dated or look like they have been downloaded from the internet, that’s a red flag. It's advisable to go with your intuition before you decide to push forward with your date. While trust is built, if you feel something is off, it probably is and you better stay away than be sorry later.

People Aren't Profiles

We know that you’ll always be advised to check out a person’s profile the first thing before you even consider dating them. And this is sound advice that should usually save you time since you can base your judgment on profiles. However, sometimes people who make some mistakes on their profiles could be your perfect match and by dismissing such profiles, you could be losing out on some good chances. In fact, people with perfectly crafted profiles could not be who you think they really are. So, before you brush someone off based on their cheesy, uninteresting, or “too-basic” profile, at least give them a chance to prove themselves if they are worthy of your time.

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