What to Watch Out for When Dating Online

What to Watch Out for When Dating Online

Ready to meet someone new? Try online dating. It's as easy as swiping right, checking out the photos and profile, and engaging with the “date”. But, in reality, it's not that simple. The thing with online dating is that you never know if the person on the other end is serious or not. While it's true that you can tell a lot from the person’s online profile, who’s to say that they are not faking it? Online dating could be a fun and convenient way to find love, but it's not as smooth and straightforward as you may think. People are out to take advantage of you and you might want to rethink before you agree to let that person into your life. That’s why in today’s post, we share tips on online dating red flags to look out for.

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Dated Photos

Photos with old time or date stamps or ones that look obviously old are one of the biggest red flags to watch out for. The person could have gotten fat or aged and it doesn’t reflect what they look like now. This shows that the person is either not self-confident in who he/she is today or they are using false information to hook you. You don’t want to start your relationship with such kind of dishonesty.

Barely Filled Out Profile

A person’s online profile is what helps you to identify their characters, interests, hobbies, and traits so that you can decide whether or not they are the right partner. If their online profile is barely filled out, it doesn’t give that much information to go by, making it difficult to learn even the tiniest things about that person. Likewise, look out for profiles that seem ‘too much’. If they have a long list of things they are looking for in a partner, they might still be trying to get over their ex. In addition to that, look out for bias against a certain group of people.

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They Want to Meet Too Soon

If you receive an instant meeting request without having had time to know each other well, that’s a red flag. A relationship is built gradually starting with chats and then graduating to voice calls, and eventually video calls. So when someone starts to rush it after exchanging just a few texts, you should be wary of their intentions.

Avoiding Phone or Webcam Conversations

Okay. You’ve been chatting for weeks and you now feel like it's time to take your relationship a notch higher but the other person refuses to talk on the phone or webcam. While this is might not be an outright red flag, it’s good to try to understand the reason behind it first. The other person could be very private and just needs a little more time. However, when it becomes apparent that they don’t want to speak on the phone or webcam, it’s a clear indication of the other person’s unwillingness to meet.

They are Demanding

Meeting your date in person will reveal if the person is really who they say they are. That’s why it's always advisable to meet in public for your own safety. Usually, first impressions speak a lot and you can learn so much about this person on your first date. One thing to look out for is demanding behaviors. For instance, if the person expects you to cancel your existing plans just to meet theirs or insists that you hang out at their place instead of going out, then these behaviors indicate controlling traits. First dates should be fun, exciting, enjoyable, and flirtatious. It’s time to learn what you like in each other and laugh at stupid jokes. So, if you notice hints of demanding and controlling behavior and other disrespectful behaviors, that’s a definite red flag.

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He Cancels Plans Last Minute

There could be a valid reason for canceling a dinner date last minute the first or second time – that’s understandable. But, when it becomes a regular thing, you should start getting suspicious. It's probably because the guy has another girlfriend and has been lying to you or he could be up to something mysterious.

They Make Every Text into a Sext

The other person might not explicitly ask to see a nude photo of you, but from their texts, you can tell that they are leaning towards that direction. Remember, this is a stranger whom you haven’t even met yet they are throwing lines like, “Are you bed right now? I wish I was there!” It shows their intentions might only be sexual and nothing more. A serious date will engage you in constructive conversations, wanting to know more about you, your interests, plans, future, and those kinds of things.

They Call You a Pet Name

Did he just call you, “Hey babe?” or “Hey beautiful?” after starting your chats just the other day? He probably does the same with several other girls. This shows that he’s been doing this for a while to the extent that he’s so comfortable that it has developed into a habit.

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