Valentine's Day 2020 Gift Ideas For New Couples

Valentine's Day 2020 Gift Ideas For New Couples

Cupid is about to strike, and soon red and pink will be the colorful theme of virtually everything from flowers to chocolates to dress codes. If this Valentine’s Day is the first to spend as a couple, getting a gift doesn’t have to be stressful. While meaningful relationships are built on small, consistent acts of kindness and love over the whole period of the relationship, Valentine’s Day is a special time to show a little extra love. And, if you're looking for a meaningful, beautiful and love-inspired treat, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy Tray 

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You know she loves spending time in the bathtub and you also know she loves reading and taking wine while at it. Why don’t you make all that possible by gifting her this amazing bathtub caddy from Royal Craft? And the best part? It's designed for couples. You get two-sided trays with extendable handles and accessory slots. The caddy has compartments for holding a book, wine glass, tablet, and bath and spa accessories. It's designed to fit most bathtubs and is slip-resistant. The tray is made from high-quality bamboo wood with a thin protective layer of lacquer, making it durable and waterproof.

Let’s Stay In by Ashley Rodriguez

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This is a book with more than 120 recipes to nourish your spouse. With this cookbook, you can bring the hospitality and appreciation indoors by making lovely, tasteful, and delicious family dinners. It’s a great way to connect with the one you love and share fantastic memories over a plate of unrivaled dishes.

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier 

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Created by Mike Blaschka, this personalized picnic table wine carrier is a great gift to commemorate your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. The table is engraved with your family name and special date. It's foldable and easy to maintain. It makes for the perfect gift for outdoor lovers. However, if it's too cold outside, you can set it up indoors for a nice, intimate sit-down meal.

Custom Candle Labels from Amanda McAlister

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Add a sparkle to your new married life with this custom candle labels handcrafted by Amanda. You can request any saying that you want to be included in the photo. Get your best shot and let it be a constant reminder of why you fell in love. The labels are printed on a glossy sticker and can be applied on any glass container, including glass candle holders, wine bottles and so on.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

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Kick-off your day with a hearty breakfast with this heart-shaped mini waffle maker by Dash. Not only does it make breakfast, but it also shapes your breakfast into a heart! The waffle maker can also be used to ‘waffle’ any wet batter, including paninis, biscuit pizzas, and hash browns. Its compact size easily fits your kitchen counter and all you have to do is plug it into a power source and you're good to go. The machine comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Just pick one or two of your loved one’s favorite colors.

Date Night Bucket List 

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No plans? Don’t sweat it. This Date Night Bucket List will help you easily plan for your date nights. You’ll find date night prompts printed on birch wood sticks – from romantic getaways to a visit to the museum. Once you fulfill a date night, note the date on the back of the wood stick using the pencil provided. No more wondering where to go for your next date night.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Valentine’s Day gifts should be heart-felt, love-inspired and cute. Knowing what your partner loves will go a long way into ensuring that you get the perfect gift for him or her. With the big day drawing nearer, you want to place your orders well in advance, especially if you're buying online, to receive the gifts in good time.

Our Notes

  • Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy Tray – make bath times more memorable and romantic with this beautifully crafted piece.
  • Let’s Stay In by Ashley Rodriguez – surprise your loved one with delicious meals and make your time together healthful.
  • Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier – have your family name engrave on this picnic table and enjoy Valentine’s Day in style.
  • Custom Candle Labels from Amanda McAlister – with creative and thoughtful words, you can order custom-made labels with your most romantic photos.
  • Dash Mini Waffle Maker – why don’t you enjoy heart-shaped breakfast using this quality machine?
  • Date Night Bucket List – no more dilemma when it comes to where to go for your date nights. This amazing gift makes it easy for both of you.

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“Cool idea, but not too creative It was just OK. I guess I was hoping for more unique ideas. About every 5th suggestions was something that seemed out of the ordinary. Could be great for someone that simply has NO idea what to do for dates, but with the internet at hand, I'd suggest saving a few bucks, buying some popsicle sticks of your own to write with a cute jar or container Viola! (ShaNaNa on Uncommon Goods)

“Surpassed my expectations! Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on amazon so far. Just as described, it is a mini waffle-maker. The “mini” part is no joke, the whole thing is small enough to lift in one hand. If you are feeding breakfast to a whole family of five or more then this may not be for you. However, because of its size, it works quicker than a normal sized one so even though you can only make one small waffle at a time, each waffle should be done in about a minute or two. The interior is also non-stick so it is really easy to clean which was a huge bonus for me. On top of that, it comes with a little instruction panphlet that tells you how to use and and also include recipes and recipe ideas! Personally, I love it, it’s what I wanted and more. (Cristal on Amazon

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