Top Things to Buy After Christmas

Top Things to Buy After Christmas

Everyone loves good deals, even better, the best sales of the year happen after Christmas. Stores like Anthropologie, The Limited, J. Crew, etc. have an expensive price tag, but you don’t have to pay all the amount. The secret is to wait for the prices to have a 30, 40, 50 or even 60 percent off to shop. The prices normally go down this much immediately after Christmas. Remember to check your favorite stores for such deals. The below things will save you money if you buy them after Christmas.

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Christmas Decorations and Lights

Purchasing Christmas decorations and twinkle lights after Christmas could be the best decision you can make. Most stores try to get rid of this stock quickly to make room for spring items thus they give the best discounts. At this time of the year, you’ll find yourself buying three or four ornaments for the price you would pay for one. Additionally, you can purchase an artificial Christmas tree to use the following year. What’s more, if you’re planning on having a wedding or party in which you may want to use white lights, stock up more.


Candles are everything, from the lighting, to how they make the house smell to even the ambiance they create. You'll find crazy post-Christmas deals on candles and not just the red and greens ones. You will be surprised to find white candles in a variety of scents marked down to a fraction of their original costs. I hope you have a general idea of what to expect and make most of after Christmas sales.

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Vacation Packages

If you need a vacation, going for one after Christmas is the best thing that can happen. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two popular times to fly or go on vacation. However, companies and airlines hike up their prices. But, as of January 4 to January 31, travels agencies tend to take a dip. Resorts, cruises, and hotels become pretty empty as there is a lull in the market. Finding good deals on vacation packages becomes easier since hotels and holiday companies discount their prices to boost their sales during the slow season. But remember the deals are much better in January before Valentine’s month.

Winter Clothing and Summer Clothing

After Christmas, stores put on winter and summer clothing sales at much-discounted prices. But this depends on the store and its location. Yes, you can get crazy deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but January and July are the two times of the year when clothing stores turn over inventory for the new season. Scarves, sweaters, coats, boots, and bras go on sale for as much as 60 percent off. You're guaranteed to buy at the lowest prices when you shop after Christmas.

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In case you need a new car, try to hold out until after the holiday season. During October, November, and December, a lot of people buy new cars. So dealerships are stocked and ready to hike the prices due to demand. But the best part is that, after December, people are all spent out on Christmas and less likely to shop for a new vehicle. This is when dealers have a deep discount on their sales. Plus, they are willing to cut a good deal with buyers to make up for the slow month of January. Now, at this time of the year, you can always buy that car you’ve always wanted.

Wrapping Paper

Most people buy wrapping papers during Christmas, once the holiday is over, they become wrapped out on wrapping paper. However, wrapping papers aren’t just for Christmas! You can find foiled red, gold, silver and white papers that can be used throughout the year.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

  • Price. Since the holiday season it’s over, anything you buy as of that time should cost you as little as possible.
  • Delivery. Look for stores willing to deliver your items especially if you'll be buying in bulk. Obviously, most stores will offer these services since they will be dealing with fewer customers.

In a Nutshell

  • Christmas Decorations and Lights: Multiple stores put up deep discounts on all Christmas decorations immediately after the holiday.
  • Candles: Expect good deals on all candle types coming January when everyone isn’t interested in them anymore.
  • Vacation Packages: Travel companies tend to lower their prices just after Christmas to attract new clients. If you’re planning a vacation, it should be in January before the Valentine.
  • Winter Clothing and Summer: Winter and summer clothes go as low as 60 percent off after Christmas which makes it the best time to shop for these seasonal wears.
  • Cars: Since car dealers make less in January, buying a car during this time you’re guaranteed better deals. Wrapping Paper: These aren’t just used on Christmas; they can be used throughout the year.

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