Top Hand Mixers in the Market Right Now

Top Hand Mixers in the Market Right Now

When it comes to mixing your ingredients, nothing gets the job done faster (and better) than a hand mixer. Not only does it save time, but also reduces labor. Mixing dough can be messy and annoying for most people, plus if it isn’t battered perfectly, you may not like the results. While hand mixers may take up little counter space, they are an excellent addition to any kitchen. They’re also lightweight and pretty easy to use due. The market is filled with dozens of hand mixers, but as long as you know your preference, then you can get your hand on the best one. That said, here are the top hand mixers you can buy right now.

Breville Scraper Hand Mixer

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Breville Scraper is rated as one of the best hand mixers in the world of cooking. It features attachments such as two balloon whisks, two dough whisks, two rubberized beaters, and it’s a 240-watt model. The mixer weighs two pounds and 8 ounces and is well made and thoughtfully designed. This kitchen equipment has a mixing light on the bottom of the unit to provide visibility as you whip up your dough. It has a built-in count-up timer as well that saves you from having to set a separate timer. The speed levels are indicated on the digital pad where you can adjust between nine different speeds. Breville scraper goes for around $130 on Amazon.

Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer

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Hamilton company aims at making cooking more relaxing, less time consuming, and more fun. This hand mixer is a six-speed electric gadget that was designed from in-depth research, consumer insights, and lots of testing. Hamilton hand mixer has a 250-watt power output and comes with a number of accessories like whisks and traditional beaters. The mixer has a groove that helps to avoid the spill and drip of the products. Now you can comfortably make your cake knowing that you won’t mess up your kitchen table! Buy at Walmart for $14.96 

VonShef Hand Mixer

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VonShef is a 300W driven hand mixer with a turbo setting making it ideal for preparing baking and cooking goods. It has two beaters, two dough hooks, one balloon whisk, and an electric hand whisk. The speed is thumb controlled, making it comfortable to whisk, mix and knead. Surprisingly, the unit comes with a two-year warranty, therefore you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong while within that timeframe. The hand mixer is very light facilitating secure handling, plus it has a compact build, making storage quite convenient. Check price on Amazon.

KitchenAid KHM512BY Hand Mixer

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This mixer has received a perfect score for design, light mixing, moderate mixing, and heavy mixing. It’s high quality, very durable, and has a stainless steel turbo beater that works beautifully on all dense ingredients. The hand mixer allows you to mix chunky ingredients at one level and heavy cream at another level. KitchenAid has a soft start feature included that prevents ingredients from splattering. Another impressive feature is the beater eject button that requires only a single-handed press of the button to remove your accessories. The highlight of this mixer is its quiet operations, that’s why it comes highly recommended for your kitchen. Check price on Amazon.

Oster 2500 Hand Mixer

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If you are looking for a lightweight hand mixer that is powerful, look no further than Oster 2500 Hand Mixer. Oster is one of the best hand mixers there is today thanks to its many features. While working on your dough, the unit is designed to blow warming heat to bring baking ingredients to room temperature. Its versatile design makes it easy to mix ingredients and the 5-speed setting brings desirable results faster. The attachments include dough hooks and chrome beater that are easy and quick to clean. Check price on Amazon.

Braun MultiMix

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As the name suggests, Braun MultiMix hand mixer has multiple uses, unlike other hand mixers. It contains two dough hooks, two beaters, and an accessory bag. It’s lighter than most hand mixers and its weight is distributed in such a way that it doesn’t feel heavy during use. It uses smart control to adjust different speeds. One unique feature is the sliding cover that protects the attachment holes. Therefore, it ensures that the engine isn’t exposed to moisture and particles and dishwasher-safe parts are easy to clean. This hand mixer works well even at the lowest speed. Basically, it’s a great mixer for everyday use. If you want perfect homemade bread dough, the Braun HM5130 MultiMix Hand Mixer won’t fail you. Plus, the ergonomic grip ensures you are comfortably in control. Check price on Amazon.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Before buying a hand mixer, you must consider factors such as:

  • Quality
  • Attachments
  • Speeds
  • Grip and comfort
  • Weight and size.

You need a hand mixer that’s versatile and works perfectly for your baking and cooking needs. In addition to that, you might want to consider the price of the hand mixer, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean top quality. Just be sure to get a gadget with the features you want.

Our Notes

  • Breville Scraper Hand Mixer – has speed levels on a digital pad for easy adjusting.
  • Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer  comes with a groove that prevents spills.
  • VonShef Hand Mixer – speed is thumb-controlled for easy setting.
  • KitchenAid KHM512BY Hand Mixer – has a soft start feature to prevent your ingredients from splattering.
  • Oster 2500 Hand Mixer – light but powerful gadget with a versatile design that makes mixing a breeze.
  • Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer – allows multiple uses and comes with smart control for adjusting speeds.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Been using it for several months now. Works great and is easy to clean. Just throw them in the dishwasher and you are done. I was worried that the beaters would be weak because the product picture made them look wirey but they are solid like normal shaped beaters- I hit them against the bottom of the bowl and scraped the batter off the edges and they weren't phased at all. Very kid friendly!! I like how I can slowly pulse the mix to get an initial blend to keep flour from going everywhere. I store the beaters in the little black bag that comes with the mixer. Registration was easy: I took a picture of the card that came in the box, messaged it to the number, and the number replied back with a link where all the info was auto filled out.” Verified buyer on Amazon

“Awesome. The price was great and it works well. Can't believe I lived without one for all these years. Such an essential for whipped coffee when baking prep.” Verified buyer on Walmart

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