Top 5 Frozen Toys for Kids

Top 5 Frozen Toys for Kids

With a new Frozen movie coming out in time for the holiday season, your kids will be falling over themselves to get their hands on new Disney Frozen merchandise. The original movie made such a big splash with moviegoers in 2013 but it was a surprise hit so merchandise seemed to appear after the movie hit theaters in November rather than before. This time, Disney is better prepared. Months before the sequel is released on November 22, 2019, Disney has released a range of toys that will definitely find a place on a lot of children's letters to Santa.

Ultimate Arendelle Castle

Were you thinking about spending $200 on your child? If so, the Ultimate Arendelle Castle should be on your shopping list. This five-foot-tall castle has seven rooms and 14 accessories including a piano. There's even a tower for Olaf at the top. As you'd expect for $200, there's a lot of detailing and craftsmanship has gone into the creation of this toy. There's a moving balcony that runs between all four floors and a colorful display of blue, purple, and green light will shine on the castle wall at the push of a button.

Singing Sisters

The music of the movies is the main attraction for a lot of Frozen's devoted fans. Some of the tunes from the first movie became instant movie classics, particularly "Let it Go". You'd have to imagine that the same will be said of the songs in the sequel. To keep that movie magic alive for your kids when they're not watching Frozen 2, you'll need to buy them the Anna or Else singing dolls. At $24.99, they're within most parent's Christmas budget so you might want to buy both as Elsa sings "Into the Unknown" and Anna sings "The Next Right Thing", song titles that will become as familiar as "Let it Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?".

Talk and Glow Olaf

<P>Was Olaf your child's favorite character? He brought a lot of charm and comedy to the original and everyone expects him to do the same with this second installment. Hasbro's version of the character, talks, waddles around, and glows. This is a sophisticated toy, especially for the $39.99 price tag. Olaf will try and get your attention if you don't play with him for a while. He might talk or yawn, and when he's made you take notice, he will waddle across just like the snowman in the movie. </P>

Six Lego Sets

If you're son or daughter is obsessed with Lego and Frozen, they will love one of the six new sets created to celebrate the upcoming movie. The Arendelle Castle Village, which comes with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff figures, is the best Frozen 2 Lego set, all of which are already available in stores. The Enchanted Tree House is another set that's out now. If you want a smaller set, buy Anna's canoe. Elsa's Reindeer Carriage or Elsa's Jewelry Box are the other sets available for fans of the ice queen. If you're in love with Olaf, you can buy a 122-piece Lego set which allows you to build your own Olaf.

"Frozen 2" Sledding Adventures Doll Pack

You get five Frozen characters with this doll pack so whether you love Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf or Sven, you won't be disappointed. When you first check out this toy, it looks like there's only room for two dolls but the sled has a sliding row that can be moved forward or back to accommodate the other characters from the hit Disney movie.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

If you’re on a budget, consider buying existing merchandise from the original movie.

Our Notes

  • Neither Anna or Elsa dolls are included with the Ultimate Arendelle Castle
  • Actor Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, recorded dialogue exclusively for the Olaf toy.
  • The Sledding Adventures Doll Pack is the only set that comes with the Frozen 2 sled.

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