Tips for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping You Should Use

Tips for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping You Should Use

Interestingly, every year we get caught up in the summertime mood and Christmas feels like an eternity away. Then one day you wake up and December is upon you. Despite your efforts to plan sooner and smarter, no amount of to-do list or sticky notes are helping to set your priorities or organize yourself. Before you know it, you’re committed to planning a cocktail party for your coworkers and hosting Christmas Eve dinner for your entire family and you don’t know where to start. However, before stress consumes you, take a deep breath and follow these tips to help salvage your holiday season.

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Order Online

For (well-intentioned) procrastinators, internet shopping happens to be their best friend. Whenever you’re running out of time and you can’t battle shoppers at the mall for a parking spot or spend time queueing in big lines, online shopping can be your saving grace. Don’t worry about a misplaced Christmas decoration, there are online stores like with high-quality holiday floral decorations you could ever want. Plus, they will deliver them straight to your doorstep. Just order anything you feel you need online and you’ll have it in no time.

Time It Right for Bargains

By Christmas Eve, many shops will already have started discounting. Therefore, if you have a specific gift in mind you might get lucky by leaving it this late to shop. The best bargains are usually found a few hours or a day to Christmas, but of course, you risk finding what you want is all sold out.

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Think Small

Christmas is just a few hours and you want somewhere less busy to shop. Smaller, independent stores are usually less busy, with more organized shelves and the staff will have time to help you find what you’re looking for. This will help save on your time and you might find everything you want in one shop.

Get Your Guests Involved

Having to host a group of people for a holiday party can be overwhelming. Not only does the house have to look great, but also you need to make sure what you serve is festive and delicious and the quantities must be right. It’s a lot of pressure which you can prevent by asking for a little help from your guests this year. Additionally, if you’re holding the annual family Christmas Eve and you’re late to plan, then consider making it a potluck. Come up with a fun theme like Grill ‘n Chill or Christmas Favorites, and email around a sign-up sheet to ensure every kind of meal you need is covered. Apart from that, come up with a game or two that guests can play, so that the typical after-dinner lull can turn into good times.

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Try Your Hands on DIY Projects

You’re all set for Christmas, but it’s looking like you won’t have any presents under the Christmas tree. It’s not too late to dig into your creative side and try to make some yourself. There are numerous creations you can put together yourself that will look professional and your loved ones will be excited to receive. For your mother, why not make a scrapbook page full of photos of her grandkids and put it in a classy frame. For an aunt who doesn’t sew, she may love a handcrafted “Sewing Kit in a Jar” from you. For the neighbors, a Nuts and Bolts Chess set would suit them. These gifts will show a little creativity and a lot of heart. And most important, they won’t consume much of your time and money, if you’re thoughtful in your approach.

Don’t Forget to Create An Ambiance

You don’t have to put a lot of work into this, just having a welcoming environment in your home will work perfectly. For example, you can light up scented candles for Christmas aromas. Have a slim console table for a little seasonal styling. Fill a vase or drape with fairy lights and place them at a strategic place for an impressive look. Also, layer in some seasonal accents, hurricane vases and motives in the foreground.


Christmas season is the time of the year when everything should be magical. Focus more on spending time with your family, friends and loved ones and enjoy the moment. Create memories over food, gifts and being in each other’s company. Have fun while you wait to welcome a new year. Moreover, the basic rule is to have a plan and ensure everything is accomplished within the few hours you have. Plus, it helps to cut on overspending and forgetting important details.

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