Sony Alpha 7 ILCE-7 Full Review

Sony Alpha 7 ILCE-7 Full Review
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Sony has a history of innovation in the camera market, with products in this category going back to 1988. That is when Sony first began production of cameras and related technology for photography hobbyists. The company has since then introduced a wide range of successful camera models which include full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens devices like the Alpha 7. Sony introduced the Alpha 7 in 2013 and was among the first companies to introduce this type of technology in a full-frame camera.

ILCE-7 Specs and Technology

What makes the Sony Alpha 7 such an exciting camera is its mirrorless full-frame technology. Unlike the closely related DSLR cameras such as the Sony SLT-A99, this new type of technology does not have a reflex mirror. The difference is most noticeably in the compact size of cameras using the new technology. The Alpha 7 weighs just 16.7 oz with battery and media attached. This is about half the weight of DSLR cameras. In addition, the Alpha 7 has a resolution of 24.3 MP. Its battery can last for about 340 image shots or 100 minutes of continuous video recording.

Viewfinder with Smart Features

Sony designed the Alpha 7’s viewfinder to make it easier to capture better images. The Alpha 7 uses an OLED viewfinder with up to five display modes. When previewing the image before you take it, the Alpha 7’s electronic viewfinder uses the sensor’s data to draw a preview of exactly what the image will turn out to be. This way, it renders a more accurate preview of your captures before you take the photo or video you intend to capture.

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Is It Better Than Alternatives

Alternatives to the Sony ILCE-7 include the following:

  • Sony Alpha 6000/ILCE-6000 - It has the mirrorless technology in common with the ILCE-7. The ILCE-7 features arguably better handling and a sturdier design.

  • Nikon D5600 - This $699 DSLR camera from Nikon boasts good photo quality but is noticeably bulkier than the Sony Alpha 7 ILCE-7.

Where the Sony ILCE-7 stands out compared to competing high-end cameras is in its image quality and its advanced sensor technology. Coupled with the ILCE-7’s portable and stylish design, the combination makes the Sony ILCE-7 one of the best options for professional-quality photography.

Why You Want the Sony Alpha 7 ILCE-7 Now

The Alpha 7 ILCE-7 does have its weak points, among them middling battery life and continuous shooting that is slower than the best full frame DSLR cameras. Still, given its obvious size advantage, the Alpha 7 is a natural fit for active shoots where you might not be able to lug along a larger camera. If you’re shooting on the go, or just want a camera that can handle unpredictable conditions without too much fuss, this will be the device for you. Its autofocus system is fast operating enough that you can rely on it for real-time shoots.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Sony made some tradeoffs between the technology in the Alpha 7 and its close relative the A7R. Whereas the A7R takes larger images at 36 MP to the Alpha 7’s 24.3 MP, the latter has the same image processor and therefore autofocuses faster. This makes it the best selection if response times are critical for you.

Our Notes

  • Alpha-7 device dimensions: From grip to monitor, it measures 5 inches wide, 3 ¾ inches high, and 2 ¼ inches deep.
  • PC interfaces: You can connect it to a PC using MTP, mass storage, and PC remote.
  • Image processor: The Alpha 7 uses Sony’s Bionz X processor, which improves tonal depth and accuracy for image capture.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“This is a great light weight camera that packs a punch. The lenses are the expensive part of any camera and can really make the difference in your photos. The camera performs well in low light and is fast enough for basic sports photography.” (The Hunters on Amazon)

“This is probably overrated fullframe camera. I can take far better pictures using my Nikon D800 and a very low-cost Tamron lens. I don’t recommend this specific model. Battery life and menu system were awful, but it’s a good concept.”  (AmazonCustomer on Amazon)

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