New iPad Pro: Is it Worth It?

New iPad Pro: Is it Worth It?

Apple announced new iPad Pro versions on 30 October 2018 at an event in Brooklyn. The iPad Pro now comes in three different versions

  • 12.9 inch iPad Pro - A new model launched in 2018, featuring the biggest screen, available in silver and space-gray colors.
  • 11 inch iPad Pro - New in 2018, available in space gray and silver colors. 
  • 10.5 inch iPad Pro - Available from 2017, an older version.

2018 iPad Pro, 12.9 Inch Model

At the top end of the iPad product line is the redesigned 12.9 inch model. This model began shipping on November 7, 2018. It features a wide screen, rounded corners, as well as technology improvements over previous models. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro features expanded storage capacity, with higher prices for the models with the most storage:

  • 64GB - Price starting from $999.
  • 256GB - Price starting from $1149.
  • 512GB - Price starting from $1349.
  • 1TB - Price starting from $1749.

The maximum of 1 TB makes it a more serious replacement for a desktop or laptop computer. This adds to its unique value proposition as a computing device that suits mobile uses.  To help with user input, the iPad Pro features an updated Apple Pencil stylus that charges with the help of wireless technology.

The new 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro is in between the 2017 models, which had a 10.5-inch widescreen or a 12.9-inch screen. This new model, too, features updated storage capacity and design changes. For example, the new design eliminates the home button and adds rounded corners. The device itself is somewhat thinner than before. Starting around $800, the 11-inch model can take as much storage as the higher-priced 12.9-inch model. Its variants are priced as follows for different disk capacity:

  • 64GB - Priced starting at $799.
  • 256GB - Priced starting at $949.
  • 12GB - Priced starting at $1149.
  • 1TB - Priced starting at $1549.

Apple's Face ID technology is embedded in the iPad Pro. It offers users the ability to sign in to their iPad Pro with a mere glance. You can also use it to log into apps as well as make purchases. 

Image by the manufacturer

Older Version 2017 iPad Pro, 10 Inch Model

The other older version of the iPad Pro that completes the lineup of most recent iPad Pro models is the 10-inch version from 2017. This iPad Pro features a 10.5 inch display with screen resolution of 1668 x 2224 pixels. It has an internal memory space of from 64GB to 512 GB. Operating RAM of 4GB makes it capable of smoothly running the iOS version 10.3.2 operating system which it ships with. However, it can be upgraded to run iOS 12.1.

On other qualities, the older iPad Pro is still a compelling package. It has a 7MP selfie camera, allowing users to capture quality photos for their social media streams. Its display is scratch resistant, and it has excellent performance thanks to an A10X Fusion chip.

Final Verdict

The new iPad Pro is a welcome upgrade to the iPad product line that adds to its abilities to compete against laptops or desktop computers. From storage space to processing memory, the redesigned iPad Pro is now on par with the performance you might get from a laptop.

With Apple pushing the envelope on aesthetics, this new product upgrade makes a compelling case for why you might want to buy the 2018 iPad Pro. Yes you might need to shell out $999 or more, especially for models with higher storage, but this is, doubtless, the flagship tablet on the market.

Other tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 from Samsung, however, continue to press on against the iPad. Samsung has learned to play to consumers’ preference for big screens and high performance in a tablet.

To Consider Before Your Purchase:

  • The 2017 models perform well, so purchase the new 2018 models if you really need the latest and best performance.

  • In terms of value for money, you get the best Apple has to offer.
  • You will be hard placed to find a better device for mobile computing.

Our Notes

  • Apple Pencil: The iPad Pro can be used with the second generation updated Apple Pencil that charges wirelessly via magnetic induction.
  • Apple GiveBack: If you have an iPad or iPad Pro and would like to get a new device, you can trade in your old iPad towards the purchase of a new one.

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