How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Profile

How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Want to know the secret to find love online? A dating profile that stands out. While there are millions of singles waiting to meet you, competition is high and it will take more than a pretty face to find a real relationship. Creating the perfect online dating profile can be daunting – you want to present yourself as attractive and with a great personality but without seeming forward. So, how can you make your online dating profile stand out? Let's get to it.

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It Starts with a Good Profile Picture

It’s a fact that a profile without a picture won't get any leads. I mean, you wouldn’t want to date someone you can’t see, right? People want to relate to you and to have an idea of what you're like via the clothes you wear, facial expression and how you’ve posed, etc. Don’t just upload any photos. Find one that stands out from the crowd - a great shot of high quality with a colorful background as opposed to a blurry or poorly lit photo. Choose your background carefully as it gives a lot of clues about your lifestyle. Lastly, upload more than one photo to give people a better idea of what you look like and remember to smile!

Describe your Prominent and Positive Character

Avoid clichés and negativity in your profile. Lines like “I don’t meet the right people”, “Don’t message me if you aren’t intelligent” might turn off the right partner. On the other hand, a statement like “I like sipping wine under the moonlight” is quite common. Instead, show your best traits and things you care about. Don’t focus too much on your job here as this is not a resume. If you must mention what you do for a living, do it in passing. Most importantly, be honest about what you want in a relationship. The whole point of looking for love is to find someone who’s looking for what you're looking for. Remember to keep your profile short and precise. You don’t want to divulge too much and look desperate.

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Choose an Ideal Username and Headline

Go for a username that’s catchy, appealing, funny and creative. Avoid long complicated names that are hard to read. Likewise, use creative, positive, silly and appealing headlines that will make someone want to know more about you.

Mind your Spelling and Grammar

People will forgive you for typos but spelling mistakes and bad grammar will put them off. You want to come across as careful, thoughtful and aware of what you're doing. So, it pays to use spellcheck to clean up your profile. You can even ask a friend to go through your profile before going live to ensure that everything is in order. You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to come up with a great profile. Be simple, straightforward and honest. You can even use lists to effectively show your personality in an easy-to-read way.

Complete your Profile

We understand that filling out your profile is a long and time-consuming process, but if it’s the place where your soulmate awaits, it's well worth it. A half-filled profile leaves a lot to be discerned about you and chances of people viewing your profile are slim. If someone comes across your beautiful picture but you’ve barely described yourself, they will simply scroll past you. More importantly, keep updating your profile with new things that are going on with your life. These are things relevant to your profile, such as relocation or a job promotion.

Talk about Hobbies you Can Do with Others

Certain hobbies like reading, writing, or knitting may be misinterpreted as someone who isn’t social. While these activities are good to include in your profile, list other fun outdoor activities like hiking, playing tennis, swimming, and so on. This allows potential dates to view themselves enjoying those activities with you.

Be detailed

There's a big difference between saying what you love and why you love it. These details make your profile come alive and count a lot when looking for love. However, don’t outline everything as you would in a resume. A profile is just a preview of who you are and what you are like. You can’t describe everything but you can be creative to leave people wanting to know more about you.

Give People a Way in

People usually use your profile to find clues as to how to start a conversation. Give hints and clues that will make starting conversations easier. Ladies, you don’t have to wait for that handsome dude to message you. Talk about your planned trip to Hawaii or that hiking trip you’ve always been planning to take. Talk about your passions, interests and personality traits, something that will trigger a conversation with a potential date.

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