How to Furnish your Home Office?

How to Furnish your Home Office?

If you are working from home, as many of you are, thanks to the global health crisis, you know the important role that your home office plays in inspiring your flow of creativity. In fact, experts recommend that setting aside a dedicated workspace helps to minimize distractions and allows you to focus on tasks at hand, thereby boosting productivity. But some days, you just lack the motivation to get work done, and you may end up procrastinating. What if we told you that sprucing up your home office could give you the inspiration to work all day? Well, it works, and below we provide some excellent ideas on how to furnish your home office to boost creativity.

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Consider What You Need for Your Job

Depending on what you do or plan to work on in your home office, you have to make it work for you. For instance, if you need to store products or books, do you have enough space to install something with drawers? Or can you design shelves on the wall? Will you need to accommodate a guest or two in your office? Maybe you do a podcast, and you invite guests over? You might have to look for a room with sufficient space. With that in mind, now you can get the basics for your office, including a desk or table, an ergonomic chair (or two), etc.

Work with a Plan

Most people often renovate and decorate their rooms spontaneously, without having a well-thought-out plan. And in most cases, this leads to complications and delays. What if a piece of furniture you bought for your office doesn't fit in the space? What then? That’s why you should always start by creating a floor plan of how you want your office to look. If you're lucky enough to have an extra room that you can turn into an office, then it makes your work even easier. Regardless of the location, be sure to take all measurements for any piece of furniture you want to fit in the space or room. This way, you will also be able to work on other pieces of décor like drawings, flowers, or sculptures.

Give Yourself a Good View

Nothing is as inspiring like a workplace with a beautiful view of the garden, the river, or outdoor landscaping. Although this might not be possible in every setting, try to set up your home office where there is access to natural light. Natural light not only makes you alert but also boosts your moods. What if you don’t have a window? Or access to sunlight is limited? Don’t worry. You can use wall art to fake a window. Look for multi-piece image canvas wall art that creates an illusion of a window. Additionally, be sure to have enough lighting in your room. And choose the right light that won't strain your eyes. White light  is known to improve productivity, whereas yellow light can make you feel tired and less productive.

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Opt for a Sit or Stand Workstation

You’ve heard multiple times how a sedentary life is bad for your health. To avoid sitting on your bum all day, you can create a DIY corner bar height desk that allows you to work while standing. When you want to sit, simply pull up a bar stool.

Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

If you have limited space and want to create a minimalist home office, then you can convert your spare closet into your work station. Due to space limitation, go for pieces of furniture that don’t take up much space, like a leggy desk with plenty of space underneath for additional storage. You can also install shelves above to store your books or a printer. Built-in storage makes tiny rooms accommodate as much staff as you'd want without sacrificing on space. If you don’t have room to designate as your home office, you can create one right in your living room or bedroom. This works well if you have a relatively quiet home. You can squeeze the space occupied by large pieces of furniture in your living room and place your desk and chair behind the sofa. Alternatively, opt for a minimalist desk and a minimalist chair that doesn’t occupy lots of space.

Incorporate Your Favorite Color Scheme

The advantage of working in a home office is that you can customize everything to your liking. Take color, for instance. If pink is the color that calms your mind or boosts your mood, go ahead and splash your room with pink. This is your personal space, and you can decorate it however you want. You can also throw splashes of bright colors and neutral patterns to enhance the impact of your color theme. Add decorative accents like wall art and throw pillows to add style to your room.

Keep it Ergonomic

Remember that nothing is as important in your home office as comfort. This is your workspace, and you’ll probably be spending lots of time here. So, ergonomics is absolutely necessary, and your motivation depends on it. Be sure to get a chair that is comfortable enough to get you through every day without having backaches. The same goes for your desk. It must be of the ideal height so that you can work without straining your neck. And don’t forget plants. They bring a sense of calm and tranquility and also filter the air. Plus, it’s a way of getting nature indoors.

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