How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is the best time of year for a lot of people but it’s not always an easy time of year. There are normally more people around the house than usual and you find yourself pulled in all directions as you prepare for the big day. Shopping at Christmas time is often difficult. There are either too many things you could buy for that special someone in your life or too few things that draw your attention when you shop. Finding that perfect Christmas gift is an art in itself. You need some expertise to establish which gift will be best received. Hopefully, the following tips will help you gain an insight into what to do.


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Let’s start with something you can do for anyone no matter their age and something you can do no matter your budget – the packaging. Make an event of the present by packaging it well. Why not hide the gift and send them on a scavenger hunt for it? You could leave clues for your kids to follow that lead them to the next clue and eventually onto the present. If you don’t want to go that far, remember that presentation is really important. Make sure you wrap the present well and make it look attractive. If you think it will be taken the right way, why not put a small precious present into a larger box and make the recipient unwrap box after box to get to their gift?


Making a list of the things the person is interested in and the things that define them is one of the best ways of getting a thoughtful present for them for Christmas. You don’t have to be too mechanical about it. Add in some thoughts and feelings about the person along with the obvious things like the TV shows he likes or the clothes she likes wearing. You’ll find that you learn something about the person while you do this and you’ll get something that they’ll love and cherish. Don’t leave anything off the list, you can always make a shortlist later.


You can ask the person what he wants or what she needs but that can often lead to disappointment. You might not be able to buy the item they want or it might be a little too expensive so asking directly isn’t the way to go but you can ask them indirectly by taking an interest in their hobbies and paying attention when you shop with them. You can also ask their friends or partner what they’re into.


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We’re not suggesting that you put a mask on and follow your friend around the shops but a little online stalking is okay if you’re accessing your pal’s Amazon Wishlist or diving deeply into their Facebook page or their Twitter feed to see what they’re interested in. If they’re a Redditor, what have they posted or commented on Reddit? You’ll get some information here but be warned you might also come across social media posts you’d rather you didn’t see.


Asking yourself what that person needs is another way of buying the perfect gift for Christmas. That involves taking more of an interest in them over time so you can establish what they need. Giving someone something they need rather than something they want is the best way of giving a thoughtful and much-loved gift this Christmas time.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Is there something you could make as a gift? A personalized gift says a lot more than something bought off the shelf.

Our Notes

  • If you’re going to be sneaky and stalk their social media or ask friends, do it close to Christmas or you might buy something they’re no longer interested in.
  • Consider doing some work for someone rather than buying a gift.

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