How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Decoration

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations can be very personal. They can remind you of the past. They can remind you of someone who’s no longer with you. As a collective, the Christmas decorations can be used to create a sense of warmth. The colors you choose, the order you place them on the tree or around the house, and their shapes can help make the space feel traditional and festive or modern and sophisticated. Whatever best represents you and the way you celebrate Christmas.


The perfect Christmas decorations reflect your personality. They should complement the home so why not use the same colors you have in your home and then add in some others like red and green and gold to bring out the Christmas spirit? You could also choose colors that remind you of Christmases in the past. Do you have any particularly happy memories you’d like to reproduce? If your tree had silver bubbles and red flashing lights when you were a kid, why not go for that color scheme in your own home? Try and make it work as well as you can with the current décor.


Their shapes are really important. Your tree will be home to round bubbles but what about other shapes like stars and boxes? If everything on the tree is the same shape, it’ll all merge into one. Buy ornaments that are different shapes and sizes. Hang some as focal points in areas of the tree that are seen by guests. The old beat-up decorations that have sentimental value can be a feature as much as the newest items.

Too Much

Christmas is a time when everyone consumes too much. We drink too much and eat too much and sleep too much. That’s great but don’t be excessive with the decorations. Don’t pack the tree with too many ornaments. You still need to be able to see the tree branches. Don’t feel the need to cover every surface of the house with tinsel or Christmas lights. Sometimes less is more, especially at Christmas time.


If Christmas is a spiritual time of year for you and the time away from work and the additional time with your family over the holiday season aren’t as important as celebrating the birth of Christ, place a nativity scene prominently within the home. Bringing Christmas away from the commercial aspect and back towards the religious celebration it truly is will make you feel great and will show your guests the true meaning of Christmas.


Christmas decorations outside the home bring a welcoming warmth to the place as guests arrive. Hanging Christmas lights in the window or a wreath on the front door is a great way of marking the festive season. You don’t need to go crazy and add enough lights to keep the street awake at night but a few subtle lights outside along with a Santa or a reindeer will help make your street feel very festive.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Making your own Christmas decorations is the perfect way of adding a personal touch to your tree.

Our Notes

  • If you’re not sure how many baubles to put onto a tree, look up a Christmas Calculator online.
  • Make sure you involve everyone in the home so the decorations are right for everyone.

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