How to Buy the Perfect Christmas Tree?

How to Buy the Perfect Christmas Tree?

The family tradition of decorating a Christmas tree has been practiced for over 500 years. It has now become a ritual that’s both fun and exciting. The real challenge starts when it's time to choose a tree considering all the different types out there. Will you go for the real tree or an artificial one? Do you want a premium grade, standard, or third-grade tree? Today we provide you tips and tricks on how to buy the perfect Christmas tree.

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Shop Early

Don’t wait till the eve of Christmas to buy a Christmas tree. The price will be high, plus you may not get the best tree since most shoppers have already selected them. Statistics show that Christmas trees can be quite expensive on Black Fridays. So, shop for one between Cyber Monday and the first week of December. Not only will you have plenty of fresh trees to choose from, but the prices will also be lower. If you don’t have the means to get to a tree lot, you can shop online for live or artificial trees on stores like Amazon.

Measure Your Room

The last thing you want is to buy a Christmas tree that won't fit in your room. Before setting out for the lot or tree farm, measure the space where you intend to place the tree. Consider things like ceiling height, the width of the door through which you’ll be bringing in the Christmas tree, and the amount of space that the tree will occupy. Important tip: if your house measures eight feet, get a 6 to 7-foot tree to accommodate the tree stand and the tree topper. Remember to take a tape measure with you to confirm that you're getting the right size of the tree.

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Get the Right Stand

Tree stands may make all the difference between having an upright tree or not putting up a tree at all. You want to make sure that the trunk of your tree will fit in and that the stand is sturdy enough to support your tree. The taller the Christmas tree the larger the diameter of the trunk, and the bigger the stand. On the same note, buy a tree stand depending on where you intend to place it. Naturally, if you will be placing your tree on the table, you will need a smaller stand. It's also advisable to buy a tree stand that will hold plenty of water.

Choose the Right Tree

When choosing a tree, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Choose evergreen trees with shorter needles, such as Noble Fir. They have stronger branches for hanging heavier ornaments and space between the branches makes them easier to decorate.
  • Look for a fresh tree. The needles should look fresh, green and shiny. Any signs of brownness or dryness mean the tree is past its time.
  • Before leaving the lot, make sure the trunk fits the stand. Trimming the trunk affects the ability of the tree to absorb water and the tree is as good as dead.
  • Test the tree branches to check if they shade a lot of needles. Using your forefinger and thumb, clamp down the branch and pull it towards you. If you notice plenty of needles falling off, avoid that tree.
  • Avoid trees that have been left out in the sun or stacked up in piles. Give the tree a gentle shake to check if its dropping green needles. If it is, then the tree is a goner.
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Consider Your Pet’s Safety

Pets are adorable and fun. They love to play around and with a Christmas tree in the house, it could be hazardous. Pets like to chew and if they are allergic, opt for an artificial tree instead. The oils from the needles of some tree species might irritate your pets and cause vomiting or intestinal complications. The trees could also be treated by certain chemicals that might not mix well with pets.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Find all the details about the tree you're considering to buy, whether real or artificial. Is it treated with chemicals? You also want to get a tree whose branches can support heavy ornaments and other decorations. Buy a fresh tree if you want it to survive the Christmas holiday season. If you notice any dryness or the needles fall off more than necessary, don’t buy it.

Our Notes

  • Shop Early: Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for a Christmas tree. You’ll only find the ones that were rejected by other buyers. Measure Your Room: it's important to buy a tree that will fit perfectly into your room. Additionally, make sure the tree can fit through your door.
  • Get the Right Stand: get a tree stand that will fit the trunk and support the whole tree. The smaller the tree the smaller the stand and vice versa.
  • Choose the Right Tree: Get a tree whose needles look and feel fresh. Likewise, avoid trees that have been left to bake out in the sun.
  • Consider Your Pet’s Safety: Pets might be allergic to the chemicals and oils that some trees produce. So, you might want to consider their safety when buying that Christmas tree.

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