Halloween Novelty Toys and Party Favors

Halloween Novelty Toys and Party Favors

There’s no Halloween without a Halloween party. And if you're throwing a Halloween-themed party, you want to make it a memorable one. Kids always love party favors, not to mention lots and lots of candy! Picking the best treat for your guests can be tricky. From spooky Halloween invitations to Halloween party bags to creepy insects, we bring you the best Halloween novelty toys and party favors to make your Halloween ghoulishly good.

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Glow in the Dark Fangs

Vampires have existed for thousands of years, at least according to fairy tales, and Halloween is the best time to bring them to life. Glow in the Dark Fangs makes the perfect gift for your kids’ friends. They are made of plastic and glow in the dark. Each fang is individually bagged with header and can be worn with ease. If you want white teeth that glow, charge the fangs by light. They are packed in dozens (12 pieces) per pack and each pack costs $1.99 at SmallToys.

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Joyin Toy Over 100 Pieces Halloween Toys Assortment

If you're looking for a perfect assortment of toys to put in goodie bags as giveaways and Halloween party treat bags, get yourself the Joyin Toy Halloween assortment. There are over 100 pieces to fill your goodie bags and the quality of the materials is not too shabby. Among other toys, you get 12 vampire tooth, 8 fake spiders (which look realistic), 12 spider rings, one sheet of mustache self-adhesive stickers, and three witch’s cauldron. All that will only cost you $15.99 on Amazon.

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Halloween Ghoulish Punch Balloon

These rubber punch balloons are great for decorating windows, ceilings, walls, and rooms. They come in an assortment of colors and perfect for Halloween-themed occasions. Kids will love these inexpensive balloons and with just the right mix of helium and air, the balloons will float mid-air. They make a great addition as extra goodies for party favors and treat bags. Get them for only $7.96 on Amazon.

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LED Light Up Wands 4 Pack

These cute flashing wands will come in handy while trick or treating. The toys come in 4 packs with three different light changing modes, which can easily be controlled by a button. The light sticks make the perfect addition to goodie bags and treat bags. They can also be used to complement a Halloween costume. The glow sticks are impressively durable, considering how kids can get. Plus, the batteries are replaceable, which means you can reuse them. The LED Light Up Wands cost $14.99 on Amazon.


50 Pieces Halloween Assorted Stamps

Looking for fun items to pass out for trick or treaters that are not sugary? Halloween Assorted Stamps are the way to go. Delivered in a package of 50 pieces, you get 25 different designs in five different colors. The stamps are a great Halloween party favor or Halloween treats to throw in the goodie bags. The kids will love the cute images and saturated colors and the stamps will make the Halloween party more fun. You can also get creative with the stamps. For instance, create a haunted house and add the spooky characters to it. The set goes for $17.99 on Amazon but you can get them at discounted prices.


Xonor 100 Pieces Plastic Realistic Bugs

Most people are afraid of crawling bugs. The 100-piece assortment of fake bugs includes spiders, roaches, mice, centipedes, and flies, among plenty of others. Throw a few in goodie bags and use the rest to scare your kids or coworkers. Most of the bugs look almost realistic and if you know of anyone who despises them, these will make the perfect props. The pieces go for only $9.99 on Amazon.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Halloween novelty goody assortment is mostly for kids, so their safety should be a top priority. Most of these items are small and might cause chocking. Moreover, check for the quality of the material to ensure you're getting value for your money.

Our Notes

  • Glow in the Dark Fangs: Kids love to play the hero or villain. With these glow fangs, they will enjoy scaring their friends away.
  • Joyin Toy Over 100 Pieces Halloween Toys Assortment: With these novelty toys, you’ve got plenty of giveaways to add to your goodie bags.
  • Halloween Ghoulish Punch Balloon: Rubber balloons that can float mid-air with the right mix of air and helium.
  • LED Light Up Wands 4 Pack: These glow sticks have buttons to change the lighting mode.
  • Xonor 100 Pieces Plastic Realistic Bugs: Some bugs are very realistic and sure to freak out kids and adults alike.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Great selection of gross bugs The roaches and centipedes are my faves-really gross...the mice are a nice touch too-it's good to just leave the tail hanging out of something. I also like the smaller bugs...the bats aren't so good say for hiding in papers at work but they are great to drop in hair, or to slam in a cabinet door so that it falls out when the next person opens it. Highly recommend.” (J Mcloughlin on Amazon)

“Individually sealed I bought these along with some other non-food options to do the teal pumpkin project this year, and the positive reviews held true. I got 50 as advertised, and they're individually sealed so they won't dry out or leak. Such a great deal! Along with the bouncy balls and stickers, plus mountains of candy, I'm sure all my trick-or-treaters will be happy this year (my neighborhood is safe and quiet, so we get A LOT of kids!).” (dachiri on Amazon)

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