Fastest WiFi and Broadband Providers in Europe

Fastest WiFi and Broadband Providers in Europe

How fast do you need broadband? To watch Netflix, you need 3Mbps for standard streaming. For HD, you need at least 5Mbps. If you're gaming online, you need around 17Mbps if you plan on downloading extra content, using the snap screen functions or Skyping teammates. In the UK, BT has the widest coverage, but they don't offer the fastest broadband. They cover 91% of the country, but their superfast fibre service tops out at 67Mbps. You'll need to be in the half of the country that's covered by Virgin to get their superfast broadband. That runs at an average speed of 108Mbps. How does that compare with the fastest providers in Europe?

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An analysis of broadband services in 200 countries across the globe concluded that Taiwan offers the fastest broadband as its people enjoy an average speed of 85Mbps, and Yemen has the slowest speed at 0.38Mbps. The UK ranks 34th in the world with an average speed of 22.37Mbps., which puts it way behind most European nations. Even Jersey offers faster broadband. People living there enjoy 67.46 averages, which puts them third on the world list and top in Europe.


It's no surprise that European countries rank so highly. In fact, 37 of the top 50 countries are in Europe. Across Europe, people work from home. They run their businesses online, and they live their lives online. The speed of their internet is important. The proximity of people in major European cities means that superfast cable broadband is worth installing as it feeds enough people to make it economically viable. These factors mean that Europeans get access to fast, reliable and inexpensive internet, while other areas of the world where the population's spread out, can't compare.

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In the UK, Ofcom considers 10Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1Mbps as the minimum. When you consider that the global average broadband internet speed is 11.03Mbps, you realise how lucky we are in this country. For less than £20, you can get access to minimal broadband, but you'll need to shell out a little more to get BT's BT's Ultrafast Fibre Plus, which reaches speeds of up to 145Mbps, but that's nothing compared to Virgin's M200. That runs at an average of 214Mbps. Virgin Media also offer a service that runs at 516Mbps, but you need to take the V.VIP bundle. Their 350Mb broadband offers 362Mbps. It's available to 12 million UK households, which makes it the fastest broadband and most affordable package at this time.

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Jersey has the fastest broadband in Europe, but it only services a maximum of 97,857 people as that's the total number of inhabitants for the island. At 67.46Mbps, Sweden, which is home to 10 million people, offers the fastest broadband for a major European nation. Denmark, who are fifth in the world, are third in Europe thanks to speeds of 49.19Mbps. They're followed by Luxembourg (41.69Mbps) and Netherlands (40.21Mbps) in the top five European nations for broadband speeds.

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To Consider Before Your Purchase

You should also consider mobile broadband. This would allow you to use your devices while you’re on the move.

Our Notes

  • When broadband and line rental are combined, the average price in the UK is £19.84 per month.
  • Russia offers the cheapest broadband in Europe. Over there, you can get broadband for an average of £5.62 a month.

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“I've been with Virgin Media (just internet) for quite a few years. The other providers just didnt offer anywhere near their internet speed.” (Mr C reviewing Virgin Media Broadband on Trustpilot)

“Have been with BT for many years and only ever had 1 problem and that was with the online account. This was sorted out very quickly and all the time my service was not affected.” (Dave Foster reviewing BT Broadband on Trustpilot)

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