Dyson Airwra Complete Styler Review, Price and Features

Dyson Airwra Complete Styler Review, Price and Features

The release of the Dyson Airwrap styler device tapped into the current vogue for healthy hair styling. The styler is designed to create curls, waves, and bouncy blow-dry without using extreme heat that can leave your hair strands feeling frizzy and dry. The Dyson Airwrap comes in three different variants depending on which accessories come with it: Volume + Shape, Shape + Smooth, and the Airwrap complete which contains all the available styling attachment and it’s our main focus.

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Price and Availability

The Dyson Airwrap complete goes for $549.99 (£449.99 / AU$799.99). And interesting some stores have already sold out at this price. A price of nearly $550 sounds expensive for many, but according to the results obtained and all the attachments that accompany it, it’s definitely worth it. Moreover, if you style your hair regularly, want to save time and want to protect your hair from iron damage, it could be a worthy investment. However, it’s up to you to decide if the price fits your budget.


First, as you would expect from a device of this price, the design and presentation of this Airwrap is pretty much impeccable. It’s packed in a tan leather effect storage case; which snaps shuts via a magnetic clasp. The styler consists of a silver cylinder, around 10 inches long, with a cerise band around the top where the different attachments slot into. There is a power cable at the bottom to connect it to the mains. Close to the top of the slyer, there are control buttons; an on/off button, heat controls, and buttons that control the speed of the airflow. The Dyson Airwrap complete package comes with several different attachments including a pre-styling dryer, a firm smoothing brush to create straight hairstyles, a soft smoothing brush for a blow-dry effect and a round volumizing brush. For Airwrap barrels, you get four altogether, two 30mm barrels for tight curls, and two 40mm barrels to create loose waves. On each of the barrels, there is an arrow indicating the direction the hair will wrap around it when the styler is on; generally, you’ll want to twist the hair away from your face to create face-framing curls.

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How It Works

The blow dryer and brush attachments are pretty self-explanatory, but the Airwrap barrels use an interesting natural phenomenon called the ‘Coanda’ effect to curl the hair. The Coanda effect causes high-speed air to follow the contours of a surface similar to a liquid, a feature that is applied to high effect in motor racing. Due to this effect, the hair is attracted, wrapped and curled around the barrel, meaning you only need to hold your hair close to the slyer for the hot air to whip it around the barrel and create curls. Apart from making it easy to curl your hair without having to manually wrap it around the barrel, it also means your hair doesn’t come into contact with a very hot surface like it would with a traditional curling iron. Additionally, this helps avoid hair breakage. Dyson Airwrap styler measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second and regulates heat, to ensure it always stays below 150°C / 302°F.


This styler has different effects on different hair types; the Airwrap is very light and produces the desired results. It’s recommended you use the Airwrap on damp hair. Generally, after being tested on type 2A wavy hair, the results were impressive including the volume of hair that was achieved. All in all, what is difficult to get your head around is the direction you need to curl your hair in, but with time the entire process becomes easier.

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What Do They Say on Other Sites

“The lowdown First of all my wife loves it and her friends are envious which makes me look good for buying it. I paid more than it regularly goes for but it was not available anywhere else at the time. Still worth the kudos. That being said, it didn't take her long to master it and she still loves it. Better for your hair than burning it with an iron and her hair feels softer.” (RMWV on Amazon)

 “Expensive. Worth every penny. Invest in you hair! Ouch the price hurt but it’s soooooo worth it. Where do I start? I have fine thinning hair I’m trying hard to maintain. Just look at my review and purchase history. The dyson gives me volume when I need it and dries my hair gently...and I can finally get beach waves without using a curling iron. I have to be careful with the amount of heat and product I put in my hair and the dyson has not let me or my hair down. I treated myself and I’m glad I did. And anyway - count how many times you eat out or buy coffee and see how fast that adds up to $500. Sooo..I’m eating at home for a couple of months.”( nickpar21 on Amazon

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