Best Travel Insurance for US Citizens

Best Travel Insurance for US Citizens

Traveling away from home brings with it a lot of excitement and fun. After all, most people, given the chance, would love to see new places. If you are traveling outside the country, however, you need to plan for contingencies and adverse occurrences. This is why buying some travel insurance is not just a good extra, but an essential part of planning for foreign excursions. Whether you are going to visit the pyramids in far off Egypt or taking a cruise to Latin America, the following insurance will have you covered on your trip.

Amex Assurance

Amex Assurance (American Express) has won acclaim from consumers and industry experts for its customer focused service and responsiveness to customers’ needs. American Express is one of the oldest and largest players providing services for travelers. For example, it issues the famous American Express cards and traveler's checks. Amex Assurance is its subsidiary offering travel and automobile insurance to US residents.

Here are some of the travel insurance plans available from Amex Assurance:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Global Travel Deluxe

The good part about Amex Assurance plans is the range of benefits they offer and the number of issues that will be covered. These include medical expenses, travel cancellation, baggage loss, as well as coverage for pre-existing conditions.


Travelex is a major insurer with a focus on travel insurance products. The company stands out for its fast and painless processing of insurance claims. Given that unforeseen events often put strain on travelers’ financial resources, the ability to get any claims processed quickly is key as it puts money into a traveler's pocket. 

Benefits available from Travelex span events such as trip delays, cancellations, emergency medical evacuation, medical costs, and dental costs. In addition, kids under the age of 17 will be included in your insurance plan at no additional cost. This makes Travelex a good fit for those traveling with their families, however, even single travelers can benefit from its plans.

Filing a claim can be initiated online, and Travelex makes the process easy to navigate, with forms available online.

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World Nomads

If you are on a smaller budget and just want something that will cover the basics, World Nomads will give you excellent value for money. Plans for World Nomads are especially convenient for lone travelers who might not need all the benefits promised in a bigger package from large brand name insurers. The people behind World Nomads are travelers themselves, and they know the important risks to watch out for when traveling. This has led them to create insurance plans that cater to a wide variety of outdoors activities.

Some of the activities which are covered by their special insurance plans include:

  • Surfing.
  • Bungee jumping.
  • Skiing.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Scuba diving.

Travel insurance from World Nomads will cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, property loss while traveling, as well as medical transportation.

Allianz Global

Allianz Global has a wide range of travel coverage options. The cheapest plans are available for just $17. However, the company’s products include premium level coverage options for corporate travel needs. Depending on your needs, you might opt for a SIngle Trip plan, a Multi-Trip Allianz plan, or one of the Allianz Standard Plans.

Travel benefits include up to $100,000 for trip cancellation, medical expenses, trip cancellation coverage, $500,000 for emergency evacuations, and baggage delay or loss benefits.

Optional coverage adds specialty features like rental car damage cover and sports equipment damage. If you are a corporate traveler, you can select the Annual Executive or Annual Deluxe plans, both of which offer high-end features. With Allianz Global, you can file claims and manage your insurance policy online.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Some travel insurance plans will cover pre-existing medical conditions, but you have to ascertain ahead of time if your plan will cover. This can be the difference between a plan that is effective, or a plan that will not cover you for medical expenses on your trip. You should also add evacuation coverage options whenever possible because emergency evacuation can be expensive to pay for out of pocket.

Our Notes

Amex Assurance: Best for reliability.
World Nomads: Best for exploring the world in exotic locales and adventures.
Travelex: Best for families.
Allianz Global: Trusty options for the business traveler.

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"I always feel confident about my coverage when I use Travelex insurance. In the past 15 years I have filed two small claims and both were covered and paid quickly. Thank you for this travel support" (Sherri B on InsureMyTrip)

"This will be the first and the last time I will ever use World Nomads. Claim was submitted on 2nd November 2018 as requested. No response whatsoever" (Shazalie on Trustpilot)

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