Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping

Fortunately, for those who have trouble sleeping, there are noise-canceling headphones designed specifically to calm you down and put you to sleep without disturbing anyone else. Getting quality sleep is essential to our health and well-being. You might take measures to soundproof your home or individual rooms so as to reduce the amount of noise. And this can work well for some people and in that case, they don’t really require headphones. However, let’s say you’re renting an apartment, and you can’t afford to remodel it in order to soundproof your room. At this point what you can do is consider buying noise-canceling headphones. Just like white noise devices, noise-canceling headphones help to soothe your mind, inducing quality sleep. Here are the top-rated noise-canceling headphones.

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Cozyphones Sleep Headphones

Cozyphones sleep headphones are now what people are talking about when it comes to sleeping headphones. They don’t dig into your ears neither do they make you feel uncomfortable, unlike the traditional headphones. These headphones allow you to comfortably rest your head on the pillow. Plus, reviews say that they are the best value option that doesn’t require you to drain your account. Additionally, they tend to be multifunctional such as they can be used for meditation, travel, and sports. They are equally easy to carry around since they are lightweight. Not forgetting their effectiveness at blocking out noise. The Cozyphones sleep headphones are affordable and you can get them for less than $20.

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DubsLabs Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones

Looking for the world’s thinnest on-ear headphones? You have just found them! DubsLabs Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones are made in a way that they offer comfortability and aren’t clunky. They contain a soft foam and are less than a quarter thick to ensure quality sleep regardless of the sleeper position or ear shape. On top of that, they are mounted on adjustable memory wire with a battery life of 13 hours. In regards to sound quality, DubsLabs provide full-range sound that cancels out any noise making them perfect for sleeping. Even better, they come with a set of replacement foams, complimentary eye mask, travel pouch, and USB charging cable.

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SleepPhones AcousticSheep

There is a good reason why SleepPhones AcousticSheep headphones cost twice as much as most of the other headphones. These noise-canceling headphones are made from breathable, hypoallergenic fabric that offers maximum long-term listening comfort. Whenever you put them on, you expect to feel a smooth unique material that is comfortable at any time even during sleep. They come in multiple colors giving you a wide range to choose from that matches your pillowcase. Plus, you can pull them over your eyes and use them as a sleep mask. The speaker drivers can easily be removed and the headband is soft and washable.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Design and comfort: You should choose a pair of headphones that are not only designed well but also offers comfort. For design, look for things like if it covers your ears well and if they are bulky. Buying huge headphones may not provide the comfort you need when sleeping. Since you want sleeping headphones, it’s ideal you go for those that are designed for sleeping.

Your budget: In this case, you can find some Bluetooth sleeping headphones that cost much while they are those that are affordable and still offer the same effects. However, even though you don’t want to spend a lot buying sleeping headphones, it’s better to buy a quality item that will last long.

Our Notes

  • CozyPhones Sleep Headphones: Incorporates modern technology and they are smaller than traditional headphones. Meaning they cover the ears properly without having to go deep into the ears.
  • DubsLabs Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones: These headphones are made with soft foam making them suitable for any sleep position.
  • SleepPhones AcousticSheep: This is a combination of high quality and long-lasting type of headphones. They might be a bit expensive but they are worth the price.

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“These are ingenious little earphones. Let me start by saying that I have ears that are often in pain after wearing over the ear headphones, and earbuds (for me) just don't stay in. So these are a nice little innovation. I can see them being particularly helpful for walking outside in the winter. I've noticed some reviews stating that the earpieces are not in line with the ears, however, the instructions that came with ours explained how to adjust the speakers for the user's ears. So read everything the comes with these.” (Separatri X from Amazon) “ )

“I love the ease of recharging the effortless SleepPhones. It really is effortless!!” (B. Gardner from Trustpilot

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