The Best Lab Created Diamond Rings for Your Engagement

The Best Lab Created Diamond Rings for Your Engagement

Interest in lab-grown diamond rings and jewelry has grown as buyers have learned about the drawbacks of traditional diamonds. As depicted vividly in the movie Blood Diamond, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, traditional diamonds are often mined in conflict-ridden places. Lab-grown diamonds began as just a way to get gems of comparable quality for mostly industrial use, but their jewelry appeal has grown. Now, thanks to the lowest prices for these diamonds available so far, it has become more attractive to own a ring with lab created diamonds. Below we look at some beautiful lab created diamond rings and the companies that make them.

Blue Moon Ring by Lightbox(DeBeers)

Big name jewelry leaders have been slow to embrace lab-grown diamonds. After all, they feared destabilizing their own traditional sources of revenue by accepting this new product type. That may be changing now, with DeBeers entering the field with its man-made diamonds project called Lightbox Jewelry. Among the selection from Lightbox, the Blue Moon Ring stands out for its sparkle and personality. This 0.5 carat ring features a 0.25 carat diamond in the center surrounded by a circular, moon-like crescent. The setting material for the ring is sterling silver. For around $500, this ring makes an impressive high fashion statement.

Tapered Solitaire Ring by Clean Origin

Connecticut based Clean Origin prides itself on ethical sourcing and high quality lab grown diamonds. If you are looking for an engagement ring, then the Tapered Solitaire Ring by Clean Origin is a good fit to mark the occasion. The ring features a smooth metallic band with a lone stone in the center. Available metals for the setting include platinum, 18kt yellow gold, and 14 kt white gold. Diamond sizes for the central stone range from 0.25 carat to 3.25 carat. With a 0.30 carat diamond, the ring will cost between $900 and $1,100.


Isle Heart Cut Engagement Ring by 12Fifteen

For engagements and weddings, the Isle Heart Cut ring will make an excellent gift. Sold by 12Fifteen Diamond, this ring is available with a heart-shaped diamond that will communicate the emotion of the event. Other, more traditional, shapes, are also available. You can configure the ring with a diamond ranging from 0.30 carats (costing $193) to 1.01 carats (costing $2,268.86). 12Fifteen has promised to only sell lab grown diamonds in order to avoid fuelling the natural diamond trade, which has been associated with conflict.

Elegance Halo by EcoStar Diamond

The Elegance Halo is a beautiful ring with lab created diamonds by EcoStar Diamond. The company is based in Wisconsin and is one of the fastest growing online sellers of lab-grown diamonds. Among its engagement rings, the Elegance Halo stands out for its pair of sparkly, diamond-encrusted bands. A stone in the center is included, with diamond weights ranging from 0.50ct up to 1.50ct. The middle configuration of a 0.75 ct diamond in a round shape will cost $899.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of colors and finishes. These include yellow, blue, pink, and even orange. For their protection and long term durability, some manufacturers plate them with rare metals such as rhodium. Before buying, look for guarantees and a clear refund policy by the manufacturer.

Our Notes

  • Blue Moon Ring by Lightbox: Tiny laser inscription included as a quality marker in each stone over 0.05 carats.
  • Tapered Solitaire Ring by Clean Origin: Available diamond shapes for this ring include oval, round, and emerald.
  • Isle Heart Cut Engagement Ring by 12Fifteen: 30-day returns are available for engagement rings bought online.
  • Elegance Halo by EcoStar Diamond: Different ring sizes, such as 6, 7, and 8, are available for all finger sizes.

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