Best Front Load Washers of 2019

Best Front Load Washers of 2019
Whirlpool WFW85HEFW
Whirlpool WFW85HEFW | Image by the manufacturer

The best front load washers in 2019 are not just washing machines, but real showcases of engineering prowess. Manufacturers at the high-end of the market have packed their devices with a range of amenities to make laundry effortless. Among the best highlights:

  • Expanded wash cycles with specialty options based on lifestyle like sportswear
  • Steam options to make your clothes extra clean and ready to wear with no need for ironing
  • Sleek designs with high-end metal finishes like titanium and platinum

Read on below to find your best option for a front load washer.

Whirlpool WFW85HEFW

Whirlpool is one of the most trusted names in the washing machine market, and the Whirlpool WFW85HEFW is true to its pedigree. It features load capacity of 4.5 cu ft. which ensures ample room for large wash loads. This $999 washer has a Pre Soak Option which eliminates the need for manual soaking. Using its EcoBoost Option, the Whirlpool WFW85HEFW is able to deliver an effective clean while using lower amounts of energy. This not only keeps costs down, but minimizes the environmental impact of running this washer.


The LG WM3500CW is an ultra large capacity front load washer with 4.5 cubic feet of load space. An accompanying app, the LG SmartThinQ app, enables you to manage your laundry on the go from your phone. With support for multiple smart assistants, including Amazon Alexa, this enables you to take a hands-free approach once the washer is loaded. The LG WM3500CW also comes with an optional LG SideKick Pedestal Washer. This enables you to wash smaller loads without running the full washer. This washer costs $899.99.

Electrolux EFLS627UTT
Electrolux EFLS627UTT | Image by the manufacturer

Electrolux EFLS627UTT

At a price of $1,399, the Electrolux EFLS627UTT is far from cheap. However, it makes such a compelling value proposition that it will have all your washing needs covered once you get it. It has 4.4 cubic feet washing capacity, and comes with proprietary SmartBoost technology to give your clothes the best possible cleaning. It has 10 wash cycles, which include hand wash and steam, each one tailored to improve the wash results. This washer has an Energy Star Most Efficient energy use rating.

Samsung WF50K7500AV

Samsung might not match the likes of LG and Whirlpool for washer reliability service rankings, but it’s not far behind. Its WF50K7500AV front load washer comes with 5 cubic ft. of capacity, along with phone support for Android and iPhone via the Samsung Smart Home app. The washer comes with an additional, smaller door for forgotten items so that you can drop in items at any time. A stainless black finish and sleek design complete this washer. At $983, it’s not a steal, but it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

If you want the ability to monitor your laundry remotely, you will need to get a washer with WiFi support and, potentially, mobile phone support as well. The LG WM3500CW and Samsung WF50K7500AV offer this support.

Our Notes

  • Whirlpool WFW85HEFW: If you have clothes that run colors easily, you can use this washer’s ColorLast cycle to gently wash them at lower temperatures.
  • LG WM3500CW: Its TubClean cycle uses heated water at up to 149 degrees to sterilize the washer and keep it clean.
  • Electrolux EFLS627UTT: This washer comes in a titanium finish as well as a less expensive white finish.
  • Samsung WF50K7500AV: It makes 40% less noise during washing due to Samsung’s VRT Plus quiet washing technology.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“The Samsung washer is well-built and nicely finished. The add-clothing door is a nice feature that avoids getting water all over the floor by opening the main door after the cycle has started. (Who’s never had to do that?)” (ElPrimero on Best Buy)

“I bought a washing machine that leaks water not very happy called them and they said to troubleshoot it still leaking water” (Shook chris on LG)

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